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Friday’s Fave Five # 104

On Friday we take note of five blessings.

Here are five of mine:

1. Graduationniece The last of my nine nieces/nephews graduated from high school on Tuesday night. Isn’t Stef beautiful??? And she’s just as sweet as she is pretty. We’re so proud of her.

2. Being with familyfamily It’s always fun gathering with the family at these occasions. We’ll have more college graduations next year, but the final high school graduation will be my baby next spring. (But let’s not talk about that just yet!)

3. Safetrees down Yesterday we had another tornado warning. Hearing those sirens go off in the middle of the night, seeing the electricity blink, and watching the trees blow so hard was especially eerie after April 27. We lost a few more big trees, but thankfully FEMA is scheduled to send help to pick up debris from our neighborhood on Tuesday. If we can get it to the curb. #hardworkahead

4. American Idolscotty_mccreery Although American Idol had some very sleazy performances by the guest stars this year (fast-forward, fast-forward!), the final two contestants were clean-cut teenagers that were both so sweet and all-American. I would have been happy if either of them had won, but was definitely happy for Scotty McCreery.

5. They’re coming!morgan_and_fuller Morgan and Fuller will be here this weekend. We’re going to celebrate her upcoming 22nd birthday. It always does a mama good to have her babies under one roof. No matter how old those babies get. Right?

* * *

What have you enjoyed this week?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


Julie said...

Wow...Those are some beautiful women in that photo..all of them! What a lovely family! And I am SOOOO glad to hear you did not go through any traumatic damage and any injury to home or selves...too scary Lisa...I have been hearing(reading) about this siren sensation and the emotions it wrings out of all these people as they w-a-i-t it out. Though we had them sweep through NC, I have not had them in my area, and I am thanking God this morning...It is devastating to just read and view about so many others...breaks my heart.... relieved for you. I have HUGE OLD trees all around our house and it is unsettling to think about it looking at your photo. *thanks for the heads up about AI. I was wondering who won...I don't watch it but have certainly read about those 2 young finalists. are right, no matter the age, it is always good to have the chicks come back under the roof...My Marine did not get off last weekend as was SUPPOSED to, but does get Memorial Day weekend off. (They BETTER!) Hoping to see him by this evening...Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Glad you are okay.
Hugs... God is good...xo

Melissa said...

Glad your family is okay & will all be home together. Your daughter is beautiful, and I know you are so proud!

We skipped much of AI because it was a sleaze-fest. I thought it was horribly inappropriate considering much of the audience was probably pretty young, given the finalists. I liked both Lauren & Scotty, but was hoping he would win.

Have a great celebration weekend!

ellen b. said...

Fun celebrations for sure. It's so good to have loving family times. Adult children are wonderful to have around, too. I'm happy that Scotty won, also. Hope his heart and mind are protected by God being in that industry that's so rough. Your niece and daughter are beauties!

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to your lovely niece!

My "baby" will be graduating from HS next year, too....sniff, sniff. I'm trying not to get morbid thinking about all the "lasts" coming up, but I imagine it's going to be an emotional year. But, like you said, let's not think about that just now and enjoy the summer!

It's so neat your family can get together for those special occasions!

I'm glad you were safe in the latest storm. Is it just me, or does this seem like a stormier spring than we usually have?

The AI finale is a nice one to tape and fast forward through. I watched the last half-hour live then skipped through the rest the next day. I was looking for a way to contact FOX to express my dismay at the sleazy acts, but didn't see a contact link on their site.

Have fun with Morgan and Fuller this weekend!

Tammy@Fear Not said...

I just love photos! Enjoyed reading these tid-bits from your life and family.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating with family is such a dear time. I will be celebrating with mine for a niece's graduation too (from junior high though).

So glad you are safe from this last tornado and getting help with disposing the debris in your yard. Hopefully you'll have some help in getting the debris from the yard to the street.

Hope you have a safe week.

Carrie said...

HAVE FUN with all of your babies being under one roof! That's a good reminder to me to enjoy this "littles" season - when I do have them here all together. It will just be for a little while and I need to remember.

Have an awesome weekend!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

You are RIGHT -- no matter how old those babies get, it good to have them in the nest. I do love events like graduation because we're all together.

Good to hear you fared well in the storm. I grew up in Tornado Alley, so I know the feeling...

Jerralea said...

Love the photo of Morgan and Fuller!

We were spared the tornados this time, too. I'm ready for the extreme weather to take a break!

Family is one of the greatest blessings we have. I'm glad you're getting the opportunity to celebrate with yours.

Faith said...

your niece looks so pretty!! we have 26 more days of school (14 for my oldest) and graduation is the last Sat in June. You must live in the glad you were kept safe by all the weather!!
have a wonderful weekend!!

Dianna said...

So glad to know that you are okay, Lisa. I can not begin to comprehend how hearing that siren go off again with all that took place in April still being so fresh in your heart and mom.

Congratulations to your niece on her graduation. All of the ladies in that picture of the family are so so pretty! You all have that same winning smile. ;-)

Hugs to you!

Brenda said...

You are SO right on #5, no matter how old they get we are always happy to have them under our roof!

Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

Totally agree with you on #5. I love when all my kids are together at home.

So glad everything was okay and that nothing major happened and no one was hurt with the tornado warning.

Congrats to your niece!

Catherine said...

Yes, your niece is stunning. congratulations to her. I am glad you got some family time. It's such a blessing.

The tornados have been terrifying. Thank goodness you're safe.

I hope you're having a nice time celebrating Morgan's birthday. :)


Melissa said...

So glad you'll have Morgan at home to celebrate her upcoming birthday, and that you were able to celebrate a family graduation!

I'm relieved, too, that you're safe after the tornado warning. Our church is sending a team to AL to help with the cleanup effort. If I find out what area they're going to, I'll let you know. :)

Lisa notes... said...

The church that your church group is coming to is less than 3 miles from my house! Such a small world. How incredibly kind of them to come all the way here. I pray God will bless them in their time here and when they get back home. The love of God’s people overwhelms me.


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