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Who says GO?

They’re waiting for someone to say “go.”
~ Seth Godin, Poke the Box

Sometimes it’s just one sentence.
One sentence from a book can make the whole reading worthwhile.
That one sentence by Seth Godin has been enough. It’s set me on “go.”

Who is the one who says “Go” in your life?
In your church?
In your job?
In your marriage?

In marriage I walk a fine line. At times I’ve been too dependent on Jeff. Other times not dependent enough.

But Jeff is usually the one that says “go” to me. Take the trip. Buy the book. Make the visit. He’s the one who leads. 


  • By setting a godly example
  • By trusting I’ll make right decisions on my own
  • By serving our family so selflessly

Stephen Covey says leadership is “communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves” (The 8th Habit). A good leading husband communicates that to his family. He doesn’t have to overmanage or dictate.

He doesn’t use power to control, but to engage. To focus. To keep us heading in the same direction.

He doesn’t lead to hold me back. He leads to keep me going forward.
So I trust his “go.” 

* * *

What about you? Is there a “go” person in your life?


Katie said...

My husband is the one who tells me I should go and do things and encourages me... yet all to often I hold back out of fear to do it. I have been getting braver and trying new things.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

usually it's my older sister when I struggle to make up my mind....but mostly it's my heart when I pray....hearing His whisper...knowing He's calling....hope your Sonday is the best.

Pamela said...

My husband, too, is my go person. He's my spiritual leader and always encourages me to follow my heart.

Hope you've had a day of rest and peace,

Charlotte said...

My hubby is the "go" person in my life. He is totally reliable to do what he says he will do and always on time if not early. I have a tendency to procrastinate and he helps me get on with it.
Blessings for a wonderful week.

Bobbi said...

I think that is one of the best explanations of godly leadership that I've heard. I'm sharing this...thanks!!

Barbara H. said...

My husband is my "go" person as well.

Great explanation of leadership!

bekahcubed said...

I'm naturally a "go"er--jumping in with both feet, sometimes even before I think something through. Which means I often need a "stop", "slow down", "rest" more than a "go". I'm very thankful that I have people around me--my Dad and one of my Bible study leaders in particular--who sense when I need the balance of a "rest" order, and who give me that guidance.

Hazel said...

My son is my "go" person. Or he makes me think and act. Love that quote by Stephen Covey.

Thanks for the cool reaction on my post. I've always been impressed by your intellect.

Donna said...

My husband ha been my "go" person trhoughout our marriage - I am grateful for and to him.

Christine said...

I have been blessed by my husband's "go" in our marriage. His support carries me through so much in my life. Great post!

Lisa Maria said...

Definitely my husband! He's the one who encourages me to try something new and, it took me years to realise it, but he never criticized me or made me feel that I couldn't do something right. (I remember my first attempt at soup early in our marriage.. it was like water with vegetables floating in it.. he ate it and never said a word about how awful it was)

Faith said...

usually it's my husband, Dave, but more and more often it's my 'best friends" who totally encourage me to try new things, especially in blessed we are to have people in our lives who say "GO" and of course, during my daily quiet times I have learned to hear the voice of the Lord whispering those words to me....

Tami said...

He doesn’t lead to hold me back. He leads to keep me going forward.

Well said! I find it comforting to have GO spoken over me by my husband too.

Susannah said...

Sounds like you have a good husband! e-Dad encourages me in many things too--including keeping Marriage Monday going, LOL.

Years ago, I read (and thoroughly enjoyed) Stephen Covey's 7 Effective Habits of Highly Effective People. I had completely forgotten about it. Covey is not an evangelical Christian, but he certainly shares a great deal of wisdom. Thanks for the reminder! Must give it to our adult son to read.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Lisa.

Hugs, e-Mom ღ

Cheri Gregory said...

Lisa --

What a great perspective on leadership: The one who says "Go"!

My husband doesn't often say a loud "go," but I know that he'll never ever withhold a "go".

So many of my girlfriends through the years have had to "ask for permission" or "make sure this won't upset ___" before making plans.

I'm so used to living with a constant green light, I've been taking it for granted!


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