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Unexpected graces

Does your week ever go exactly as planned? Of course not.

Because God loves to show us his grace. In places and times we expect and places and times we don’t.

On a day I intended to go nowhere, my sister Sandy (# 160) texted (# 161) me for a lunch date at Casa Blanca (# 162). Because God’s grace always shows up there, I went. And also got to spend time with Kelly (# 163) and Gloria (# 164), laughing and having fun (# 165).

Because Lowe’s (# 166) is so close to Casa, I went there after lunch and spent my $50 gift card (# 167) from Christmas to buy new pots and bedding plants (# 168). marigolds

Because I was looking for spots to plant the new flowers, I ran into my rose bush in the back that had the most beautiful shade of pink roses (# 169) in bloom. God’s color palette (# 170) is totally amazing.

pink rose

And because I’ve been outside so much this spring, I spend more time with Kandie (# 171). Don’t let the picture fool you; you can never wear her out playing fetch (# 172).


Because Sandy posted a Facebook link about food allergies (her daughter has them), I told her Jenna got practice using an EpiPen (# 173) in First Aid class. So Sandy offered us a bag full of expired EpiPens. Because Graham (# 174) had told us he’s always wanting more for training, he gladly took the old EpiPens from my sister which made her very happy (# 175) and him happy (# 176) too.

Because Jenna’s friend Ashley (# 177) is also a photographer, they went to a very old cemetery (# 178) on Friday to take pictures and invited me (# 179) too. Because I also love taking pictures, I had a delightful time walking around the old tombstones (# 180) and snapping shots.


Because God is overly abundant with his grace, there’s more, big and small things, like praying over 40 days straight with Jeff (# 181), special conversations with special friends (# 182), Morgan getting a job offer (# 183), a dinner date with close friends (# 184), skyping and chatting with awesome nieces (# 185).

Because...that’s just the way God is (# 186).

* * *

Where have you seen God’s grace lately?


Melissa said...

I love this list and your ability to see God's grace in unexpected or little things. (LOL I say "little things" as if I could create a rose of ANY color!)

I've seen His grace lately in the support I've received from unexpected places. With every step deeper into my current situation, I've shared with a larger circle of women. I have been blessed by prayers and encouragement from women that I haven't been close to in the past. It's an amazing display of the love of Christ.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a lovely week! Love the roses and the doggie pics. :-)

Amy Nabors said...

I love how you captured so much of your gifts in photos. And aren't old cemetaries wonderful places to take photos?

tinuviel said...

You do a good job of presenting your list in narrative form!

I saw God's grace in my nephews yesterday, in giggles and almost catching balls with their new gloves (mitts? not sure of the terminology), and in their actually thanking God for me in grace at table.

May the Lord bless this week with more unexpected grace, Lisa!

Lisa notes... said...

Even NAMING a color is hard for me. Ha. I’m sure “pink” doesn’t quite do it justice. I thank God that you’re seeing his grace from friends far and wide. I’m always amazed at how people you haven’t seen in a long while or people you barely know can minister to you in deep ways when the situation arises. I continue to keep you close in prayer—for healing, for peace, for joy in the turmoil.

I've accumulated quite a few dog pictures this year. I think I need to hit "erase" a little more often on my camera. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

I wonder why cemeteries are such intriguing places for photos…but they surely are. I found lots of graves from the 1800’s; the older, the more intriguing. Wish the tombstones could talk. Well, maybe, maybe not. Might become a super creepy place. :-)

You’ll have to remember that grace of your nephews thanking God for you for when they’re mumbling teenage boys. What a great foundation you must have in your relationship with them now. May it come back to bless you tenfold as they age!

Rachel said...

Thankful for Gods grace also, what great pictures, the one of you dog made me laugh. Have a blessed week.

Terri said...

I'm here from Ann's. I love the way your presented your blessings. So many things to be thankful for!

Stephani Cochran said...

I LOVE old cemetries. I have picture from one posted yesterday. The cemetery I shot at had some tombstones that were so old they were siimply large rocks stuck in the ground with no markings. The mystery is what gets me. Who were they, what did they do, how did the die. . .

Kay said...

I share your thankfulness for #184!! :-)

elizabeth said...

Your gratitude list of this day of unexpected twists and turns is wonderful! You are always a blessing to me Lisa.


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