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April’s first Tuesday

The Simple Woman's DaybookOutside my window...the return of cold weather. Again. Sigh.

I am thinking...God’s sovereignty might just be much broader and deeper than I ever realized

I am wondering...exactly what I want to say about Bible memorization for Katie’s blog

I am thankful for...the unique personalities God placed inside my two girls

In the learning rooms...we’ll be finished on Thursday!

I am tired of...doing school, which is perfectly okay at this point

I am eating...carrots and feeling good about it mentally but not particularly enjoying it sensually

I am incredibly organized Morgan is with planning her wedding

I am sending...Jenna and me to CPR/first aid training next week

I am wearing...a 2003 yellow LIFT t-shirt, beige shorts, wrapped in a blue snuggie

I am creating...a reference letter for a sweet teen girl at church

I am work on an alternate backup plan for my computer, yes, I am, I am.

I am looking forward to...watching Jenna’s drama performance this weekend

I am reading...Love Wins

I am hoping...that Grace prevails between two precious friends

I am hearing...thunder unfolding across the sky (and loving it)

I am realizing...that deleting things from my to-do list without doing them is almost as satisfying as deleting them because I did do them

I am studying...Michelle’s Lent devo each morning and thinking about Dianna doing the same

Around the dresses are piling up, an unusual sight

I am praying...for removal of irrational fears about the El Salvador trip

I am pondering these words...
     “The essence of loving living as a follower of Jesus isn't in trying harder but in enjoying more.” - Sam Storms

I am planning...for Morgan & Fuller’s visit this weekend

A picture for thought...I love the craziness of trees. They never bore me. Isn’t this a marvelously interesting trunk!tree trunk

* * *

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What is happening in your world today?


Lisa Spence said...

Carrots: ugh

New dresses: fun! As is a wedding!

Trees: love them. We always joke that I would be happiest living in a forest!

Happy April, friend!

Barbara H. said...

I agree about carrots! I enjoy them as a side with some meals, but not so much as a snack, though I know they're better for me.

It's nice to be able to put things off from a to-do list for a while.

Is the wedding this summer as well as the trip? If so, you've got a lot coming up!

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, Barbara. The wedding and the trip are less than three weeks apart. I will need lots of prayers!

Monica said...

I have to agree with the others on the carrots...boring! I don't home school my kids but I will be glad when school is out! They really keep me running this time of year. we had a nice storm move through Sunday night and it made for some great sleeping with the windows open!


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