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What I want for my daughters

what i want for my daughters

I want your work to fulfill you, but not consume you.

I want you happy, but only remain there if you’re holy.

I want tears to flow unhindered, but to always have an end.

I want you to receive grace, but turn it around and give it away.

I want you to know the love of a man, not to complete you, but to complement you.

I want “Mommy! I wuv you!” ringing in your ears, but you still bring the sound to grandma’s.

I want laughter to be your specialty, but joy of the Lord be your strength.

I want your body strong and healthy, but used up for His service.

I want you to love your life, but only because Jesus centers it.

I want you to feel passionately, but you to channel it godly.

I want your friendships deep, but not dependent.

I want you to know God with no but’s...

…so you can live
full-force and
all-out and
exuberantly and

for His glory
for His glory
for His glory.

If not for His glory,

Please, Lord. 
Give what You want.
All for Your glory.

* * *

What do you pray for your children?


David N. said...

I think we all want this for our daughters. Thanks for writing.

Becky said...


I may dare to say that is is one of my favorite posts I have read here!

Thanks for sharing; I will keep your words in my journal and I will make them mine... Thank you again!

Much love!

P.S. I miss our reading group!

Nikole Hahn said...

From a mother's perspective! Awesome!

Barbara H. said...

Beautiful. I want much of the same for my sons.

Nancy said...

Both my children are nearly grown--one is recently married, my son just joined the Army. My prayers these days are along the lines of, "Lord, they belong to you. Thank you that you fill up where I was lacking."

Melissa said...

Beautiful wishes for two beautiful girls. Wonderfully said.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Becky. I wrote this last night when I was supposed to have been in a class on prayer with my church, but instead I felt more compelled to spend that hour in praying for my girls.

I miss our reading group, too. No word yet on a new book?

Kelli said...

What an awesome list! Great reminders that its all about God. Cute daughters too!

Sheryl said...

What a wonderful blessing!

Mommy Emily said...

lisa... this is definitely my favorite so far. definitely. can i say, when i looked at the photos of your daughters, it made me long for girls of my own? there is such JOY in their faces. they seem to have such confidence in who, and whose, they are. you are doing such a good job. and what a beautiful prayer...

Joybird said...

What beautiful girls. I love this blessing. I don't have children yet but I would like to. Even now, I cup my hand over my remaining ovary and I pray for their health but after reading this I want to pray for their [future] spiritual health as well. Frankly, I like this blessing so much, I want to print it out and ask the Lord to do this in and for me. What a beautiful picture of a life spent for Him.

Kati patrianoceu said...

What a lovely prayer. I'm sure it's echoed in the hearts of many mothers.

justcallmerie said...

Beautiful, Lisa. Truly beautiful. And the best part is knowing He heard and will answer. Both girls are lovely. They remind me of mine.

Lisa notes... said...

Saying a prayer for you right now asking God to let you mother…however that may end up best for you and for Him. You are a very creative soul and you have much to give little ones.

Bonnie Gray said...

LISA!! This is SO good. You should submit this for publication somewhere! At least print out to give to your girls and tuck them into their dreams... I got goosebumps imaging how my heart and world would've been changed by a mom who gave me the gift of these words. Save this and send them to college/adult season with this. Lisa, this was a classic. Can you tell, I love this? :) LOL. Thanks for keeping the light on for me...

Saleslady371 said...

I love your mother heart, Lisa, and your daughters are so cute. I want these things for my girls, too.


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