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I’m out of time—but not moments

Psalm_46_10_Be_still_and_knowWhat’s your longest kiss?

They kissed for over 46 hours.

Who has time (among other things) to kiss for 46 hours?
46 seconds is probably pushing it for most married couples.

I always think I need more time.

Yet # 2 on my prayer list this year is to not hurry. So what does God do? He plants a seed in me to spend more time outside.

Now how am I supposed to squeeze in extra outside time when I can’t finish all my inside things?

God’s point exactly.

I can’t.
Not on my watch.

I will NEVER finish all the inside things. It’s an open-ended job. And I’m not talking about housework here. I’m talking about inside work like patience and humility and dependence...

And learning not to hurry.

Not to hurry the moments.

It’s in the moments that relationships are built or broken. I confess I let a lot of moments pass me by when I should—“Pick up the phone and check on Diane” or “Close the laptop and engage the live conversation” or “Turn off the lights and get to bed early.”

All little moments in time. But moments that live outside of time.
You may think you lack time for a 46-hour kiss, but you do have enough moments.

Live in the moments.

* * *
What’s your record for longest kiss?  :-)

Do you also struggle with not enough time?
What helps?



Dianna said...

LOVE IT, Lisa! You always inspire me!

Melissa said...

I, too, struggle with hurry. But it's something I'm working on...realizing that it's okay if not everything's done & to just enjoy this time with my family as they are right now.

JD said...

46 hours... can't.possibly.imagine.

What helps me is remembering that if I give Him my time, and allow Him the control and power to guide and schedule my time (and life), He will be sufficient, His distribution of time will be sufficient, and what I do in that time will also be sufficient. He even has the ability to stretch that time and make it abundant. Often, when He asks me something that seems to go against something else I "need", it's that He wants to give it to me through another experience, two birds, one stone.

He always provides enough.

Barbara H. said...

There always seems to be a struggle with having more that could be done or that I want to do. I constantly need to seek God's will and direction for how to use my time.

Lisa notes... said...

Nice suggestions, everyone. A common thread I hear to overcome this is we definitely have to depend on God to help us. Otherwise, it's too hard.

Amy said...

Oh... your words are wonderful! And your blog is beautiful!

How long was my longest kiss? I dare not kiss and tell.... (grin)

My helps for not hurrying? So far my best remedy is having no where to go! ;o) Hmmm... not really a "real" solution. But it helps.

Unknown said...

"Live in the moments" - good words.

Cherry Warrick said...

This was so good, Lisa ... thank you! I want to think on those words ... "live in the moments". We think we don't have enough time, but we all have moments ...

Stephani Cochran said...

Sometimes we think we need to close the laptop as if we are being selfish by blogging, but I have found that the people inside this screen are every bit as real as the ones I'm with in person. They have hurts and needs and e-conversation is no less conversation and can reach others that would never be reached otherwise ~ But I do understand the need for balance and quiet and listening. It's for sure we would never talk as much in real time as we type in blog land and I'm pretty sure others would wish we had an off button if we did!

Brian Miller said...

you know i might just try to challenge the 46 yeah i get much to do...but are we doing the right things?

Nancy said...

You know, I actually tried to outlast my college roommate in a longest kiss competition during freshman year. Can I just say, it was the most boring, unromantic kiss I've ever had?

Can I just say--living in the moment really shouldn't be a competitive sport? :)

Lisa notes... said...

I needed your reminder. Sometimes I feel too guilty for spending time with on-line friends but yes, they (you!) are as real as in-person friends. And I do keep a balance (life has a way of doing that for me anyway). God sends me daily spiritual manna through so many “inside the screen” friends as much as face-to-face encounters.

Connie said...

"All little moments in time. But moments that live outside of time."...ooh, I will ponder this lovely truth...

Donna said...

Moments - yes, Lisa. We have moments. I find that I need to slow down my mind and then I can be still on the outside.

Much to ponder in this post...

Mommy Emily said...

this is so good. something God is really trying to teach me too, lisa... even just spending more time, kissing... sigh. i think i'll work on that this weekend. :) thank you for this reminder friend.

Kati patrianoceu said...

Thanks for the link to the longest-kiss story - wow!!!! What's amazing about time management, I think, is that the more time we spend outside and just living-life, the more we get out of all those other things-that-have-to-be-done, right?

Craig said...

Living in this moment – we are both learning this. Have I mentioned how much I heart your words lately?

The kiss question that’s a secret :) I'll leave all the women to discuss that without this male barging in. :)

The enough time one – no – not in this life – there just isn’t enough time to finish well in this life – but there is eternity – that’s a good thing right?

I was blessed by this. Thank you.

God be with you and yours

Anonymous said...

One year my New Years theme (which does not begin on new years) was "The Year of Finding Joy in the Moment." Last year I had no time. This year has been a refreshing - where I have more time - time to waste? Or time to slow down? But I definitely need more energy when time is rushing - and I do not have the energy when time rushes quickly.


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