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“On This Day in Christian History”—Book review

On_This_Day_in_Christian_History_Robert_J_MorganIf you like day-by-day devotionals and if you like inspiring stories about Christians throughout history, get Robert J. Morgan’s On This Day in Christian History. I knew I’d like it because I like his Then Sings My Soul daily devotional on the history of hymns.

Knowing our past can brace us for the future—is Morgan’s premise.

“With no heritage from the past, there is no legacy for the future.”

Morgan gives 365 one-page summaries of a significant event on each day of a saint, martyr, or hero of the faith, followed by a Bible verse.

Reading these stories helps put your own day into perspective.

Running out of milk isn’t quite so tragic compared to being strangled and having your body burned to ashes, like George Wishart on March 1, 1546.

Or compared to John Hooper, who wrote on January 7, 1554, “I commit my cause to God, whose will be done, whether it be by life or death” before he was burned at the stake.

This stuff matters.

The cloud of witnesses who have gone before can inspire us to hold fast to our faith whether our times become that hard (and already are in many parts of the world) or whether our times are so easy that we turn away from God.

My thanks to Book Sneeze for the complimentary copy of this book so Jenna and I can start our homeschool mornings with a piece of Christian history.

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Carrie said...

Sounds awesome! Love it. Thanks for sharing about it.

Joan Hall said...

I would love to read this book. I have the first Then Sings My Soul book, and a devotional book titled "From This Verse".

Thanks for sharing this.


Barbara H. said...

The Christian radio station in SC used to share a portion from this book or one like it every day at a certain time. Very interesting, and the portions you shared were very convicting.


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