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5 ways worship might look

Worship isn’t just a Sunday thing.
You worship something every day.

What might worship look like?

1. Celebrating victoriesall Auburn_all inI spent last Saturday with 70,000+ of the Auburn family worshiping celebrating our football team’s national championship. I admittedly winced when I heard the words honor and glory tossed around.2010 National ChampionsBut we know championships are fleeting. Don’t worship sports teams. But do celebrate the God-given talents of bodies used skillfully. I appreciate that Auburn’s quarterback Cam Newton and Coach Gene Chizik often credited God for their blessings.

     Giving God credit is worship.

2. Tight-space singing
While cheering for our players outside was great fun, the hours bound in the car were glorious ones because of who I was with and what we were doing. Three of the brothers from church let me tag along to sing praises for about 6 hours during our travel time.

While worshiping with the larger church is meaningful, there’s something about a small group that makes me concentrate even more on Who I’m singing to and what I’m saying to Him.

    Straight-out singing to the Lord is raw worship.

            [My AUsome friends on singing break,
a.k.a. Tenor/Bass/Lead]

auburn family
3. Praying for persecuted Christiansshafia
I can hardly read their monthly magazine, but I could listen to Ed share in our small group Sunday night about The Voice of the Martyrs.

I get overwhelmed by the heart-breaking stories. But Ed kept saying the best thing we can do for them is PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

Okay, we can do this, right?

     Praying for God’s help is worship.

4. Sorting clothessorting donated clothesWe were blessed to spend Monday afternoon at Christmas Charities Year Round, sizing used clothing that had been donated to the needy. Serving may sometimes seem a sacrifice. But...

     Serving for the glory of God is always an act of worship.

5. American Idolamerican idol?
I wish it had another name because I’m a tad uncomfortable watching a show with such a blatantly disrespectful name. But it reminds me to keep my heart in check.

I did like that even Randy had to comment on Lauren Alaina last night having a “real natural God-given talent.” Go, God!

I pray that the believers who make the cut this season will stand out in their love and kindness to bring glory to His name.

     Using gifts to honor the Father is worship.

6. Pure pleasure…
Just being honest: I had a moment last night with this donut. Oh my. dark chocolate kreme donut Hand-dipped in dark chocolate icing. Dark chocolate creme filling. Chocolate drizzled on top.

I have to watch my love affair with food. If there’s ever a “thing” I could worship, it’s probably food.

     Lord, your gifts are awesome,
     but help me worship the Giver more than the gifts...

* * *

Do you have a favorite way of worshiping God?

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Lisa notes... said...

Yikes! Just read that donut has 22 grams of fat. Glad I enjoyed it at the moment anyway. ha.

His Song to Sing said...

I'm REALLY enjoying your blog. You really have a way of making me think. This post is a great example of that.

We can worship many things in many ways. Food is a struggle for me also and I'm a fan of American Idol (cringing at the name!). I bought a new book you might want to check out that speaks to these issues. It is "Idols of the Heart" by Elyse Fitzpatrick, subtitled "Learning to Long For God Alone."

All your points are right on target! Keep spreading His Name and Purpose!

Barbara H. said...

Excellent post, Lisa, both delineating the different ways we can worship as well as what to watch out not to worship.

I know what you mean about hardly being able to read or hear about those suffering martyrdom.

I keep forgetting AI is on Thursdays. The title makes me uncomfortable, too.

That donut looks scrumptious.

April J Harris said...

I really enjoyed your post - you've had a very full week! I know what you mean about the Suffering Church - it is incredible what so many go through. It's easy to take the freedom to worship for granted, but they remind me what a privilege it is to be able to worship God freely and openly.

Faith said...

excellent post! I no longer watch American Idol...used to LOVE it...I like how there are a couple of guys who proclaim Christ who are now singing for the Lord (Chris Sligh and I forget the other guy....both were on a few years ago). My fave way to worship?? IN NATURE!! My spiritual temperament (if you're familiar with Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas) is Naturalist. Love hiking, biking, kayaking and power's where I worship best :)

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, I really was proud of Chris Sligh for not backing off from his faith. Always encouraging. I read Sacred Pathways about a year ago; I’m part Naturalist too. I love open spaces and big skies that match our big God. When we visited sites out west this past summer, it was so evident that we have an awesome Creator!

Dianna said...

Such a wonderful post, Lisa, on the different ways of worship. I received my copy of 1,000 Gifts yesterday and read the first 101 pages last night. Saying thank you for the gifts He gives us is worship, too, yes?

And I have to say that I totally agree with you (for myself) that if there is one thing that I could easily "worship" it would be food! Working on that one. ;)

Thanks for sharing such insightful ways to say thank you to God!

Lisa notes... said...

I ordered my copy of 1000 Gifts this week so I hope it will get here soon. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Of course coming from Ann, what else can we expect?

Yes, giving thanks is definitely worship, too!

Ate rice and baked pork chop for lunch to make up for all my donuts yesterday. :-)

nikkipolani said...

I love your posts, Lisa, and how you make these meaningful connections.

Sorry about finding the fat content of that donut. Sometimes it's better not to know ;-)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Oh, my...that donut! Looks and sounds scrumptious.

I love your worshipful Friday. Have a great weekend.

LivingforGod said...

Wonderful post, Lisa! Thanks for the reminder to pray for the persecuted Christians. We love The Voice of the Martyrs.

Our posture towards God should be: complete surrender, utmost reverence, joyful dependence, deepest gratitude, humble obedience, faithful devotion, and highest adoration. To me, that's "worship" :). We can daily worship God by offering up our lives...our all (body, spirit, heart, mind, word, action) to praise and honor Him.

Melissa said...

The donut does look delicious! Is it from a chain-type store (that we might have around here)?

Great list. It reminded me first of a Newsboys song, but then of the Big Daddy Weave song "Every Time I Breathe" - "But by Your grace, I wanna love You not with what I say but everyday
In the way that my life is lived."

It's kind of sad when I hear people who believe that the only true form of worship is in church on Sunday morning.

Rebecca said...

Very insightful post!

ellen b. said...

I remember quite clearly being struck with the vision at a football game when everyone in the crowd was standing and "worshiping" the team on the field all in one voice how very cool it was going to be when we stand all in one accord and worship our King! Spontaneous singing when we're enjoying God's creation is very cool, too. I've been following some of the reports about Christians being persecuted and killed around the world and sometimes wonder when it will be our turn. The thing I'm appreciating about American Idol this season is the kindness and compassion from Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez...
Enjoyed your post Lisa...not pass me a cookie!

Karyn said...

I really enjoyed this post! It's a good reminder that we were created to worship Him - and that we can do so in every activity.

Willow said...

I loved this post. It's spot on in reminding Who we should worship and How. Ditto on the suffering church. I'm reminded to pray!

Ouch! That chocolate donut-- so just adjust your calories for the next, oh, maybe six years!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week and that donut sounds pretty amazing!

Lisa notes... said...

The donut was from Krispy Kreme—THE best place to get them around here. :-)

Love those lyrics (and whole song) from Big Daddy Weave. That captures it well.

Funny you mention that. We were talking about football with a store clerk Monday night and he made the same comment as you, kind of out of the blue. A nice connecting moment with another believer.

About American Idol: I know what you mean. I have been so surprised every show at how much of a people-person Steven Tyler is. He really seems to have a caring heart; who would have guessed it? And to think that I had been dreading him coming on as a judge. Now he’s won me over. And Jennifer too.

Michelle said...

My favorite way to worship God is through music. I love worshiping with the bloggers every Saturday through TSMSS.

susan said...

Very creative way to write a FFF. My favorite way to worship is through song and also by being silently meditative while on a walk.

Of the ones you wrote about I like "Giving God credit." I never thought about "Praying for God's help" as a way to worhsip. Thanks for the new thought.


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