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Curios - 35

More Curios hereWhy do you read?
What’s your purpose? Tony Reinke suggests asking yourself these questions before you open your next book.

and…How do you have time to read so much?
Learn how to capture more reading time, also by Tony Reinke.

Where do ideas come from? A good post by Seth Godin. (Except he forget the biggest source: I’ll add it here… #21 God.)

Why you can’t keep your New Year’s Resolution.
Matt Perman tells you what he thinks. And how you can change that.

31 ways to pray for your child

Make of this what you will: avoiding blame

By Jason Lee via 22 Words


Trisha said...

Oh, Lisa, how could you do this to me? To link to book articles on Tony Reinke's site, especially when I have all these precious children and my Beloved to care for? :) Truly, it is a very cruel thing.

Seriously, thanks so much for these links. I do enjoy your curios posts because so much of what catches your eye is interesting to me, too.

I printed out the 31 ways to pray when I saw it on Challies. I love that all the prayers are based on God's Word, and they're actually brief enough to memorize easily.

This last, so funny!, (Of course, any Mom knows that children (and adults) don't need a manual for how to blame others.) Ha!

Barbara H. said...

Thanks Lisa -- I enjoyed several of these.

Carrie said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! GREAT articles on reading. I've had your blog post open since yesterday so that I can snatch moments here and there to read the links. LOVE the points he makes. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa notes... said...

Didn’t Tony Reinke make some great points about reading? I’m so thankful I enjoy reading as much as I do.


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