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OCTOBER 2010 Posts

30 Days of Thanksgiving, anyone? (10/31)
You’ve changed (10/30)
How one thing leads to another (10/29)
What I saw the day Mama died (10/28)
Are you scared of holy? (10/27)
Bible memory system—It works for us (10/27)
What’s on your nightstand?—October (10/26)
What do you need today? (10/25)
My biggest parenting challenge (10/24)
“Starry Night” (10/23)
Friday’s Fave Five (10/22)
7 reasons why I still go to church (10/21)
Is holiness boring? (10/20)
It wasn’t written to make me happy (10/20)
“The Grace of God”—Book review (10/19)
Grace wins hands down (10/19)
More grace than imagined (10/18)
Unexpected gifts (10/17)
“Something to Say” (10/16)
5 Lessons from Chilean Miners (10/15)
How to make a decision (10/14)
Do you have to understand holy? (10/14)
Do it anyway (10/13)
“The Help”—Book review (10/12)
Is there praise in your prayer? (10/11)
When are you happy? (10/10)
“More like Falling in Love” (10/9)
Favorite Weekly Memes (and Faith Communities) (10/8)
Bigger than your personality (10/7)
Where does healing come from? (10/6)
A day in October (10/5)
Do you keep your word? (10/4)
Love the gift more than the giver? (10/3)
When everything falls apart (10/2)
5 favorite songs about Jesus (10/1)


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