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Invisible boundaries

Update, 8-9-2011:

We are still using our invisible fence. It has its problems because it works via electricity, and we still lose electricity often since our devastating tornadoes in April. And it’s hard to find the perfect location for the center of the circular boundary. And the battery in the collar wears out before you know it.

But overall, we do love that it lets our dog run free without running off.

Fences: both liberating and protective.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7Kandie's eyes

Our new puppy wouldn’t stay at home. When we left her alone outside, Kandie would run through the neighbors’ yards, chasing ducks, wandering out of sight and sound.

But we hated the alternative: keeping her confined in a small pen all day.

So we bought a wireless pet containment system. An invisible fence.

It was for her good and for our peace of mind. Instead of running in traffic or bothering neighbors or getting lost, OR being stuck in a pen all day, Kandie would have a better option: play freely within her own yard with people who loved her and who could watch out for her.boundary

All with no visible barriers.

The catch? When she neared the outer limits of her radius, she would hear beeps. And if she pushed through anyway, she’d feel a slight jolt. In no time at all, she learned. Now she’s happy; the neighbors are happy; we’re happy.

God doesn’t always put up visible barriers for us either. He wants us to respect his invisible ones. The ones that speak to our conscience when we know we’re about to get in trouble. The ones that give us a slight jolt when we cross a line we shouldn’t cross.

Left to our own desires, we’re prone to wander. We envy the greener grass elsewhere. We run too far to discern God’s voice.

But God doesn’t call us to be confined to a small pen. He wants us to live the abundant life—cared for by our Father, with those who love us, and with those whom we can love.

So he gives us invisible fences, for our good and for his glory. It keeps us centered around his will. And gives us the most freedom and the best protection.

And for that, I am thankful.

* * *

The One Word at a Time blog carnival is about fences.

What fences are you thankful for?


Trisha said...

"The most freedom and the best protection." How true this is. His boundaries mean living a truly abundant life for His glory. Such a beautiful gift from Him.

Wonderful reminder!

Becky said...

Yes, Lisa, I am also grateful for boundaries!


Brian Miller said...

how true...and true freedom is found within those boundaries...

Mommy Emily said...

perfect analogy. and we are happier when we learn to obey and respect these boundaries. i love how you see him in the day to day, dear lisa. xo

Bethany Ann said...

excellent! ...i've been pondering the freedom He gives us within these boundaries. the Holy Spirit shows us where to walk, if we're open to His guidance. how sweet.

amy in peru said...

sometimes it'd seem easier if we could see the boundaries a little clearer... but I like how you put it for our good, His glory... excellent :)

amy in peru

Kati patrianoceu said...

While the analogy is beautiful, I have always been confused about invisible fences. Since I don't personally know anyone with an invisible fence, you may be the first person who I can ask, then:
Why not a visible fence for the dog?

Lisa notes... said...

Good question. Probably the biggest reason we chose invisible over visible is that we really didn’t want a fence at all. I don’t want to block our own access in and out of our yard, literally or even visually. Just want to keep the dog in; not anybody else in or out. So with invisible, the dog is the only one affected and the rest of us are free to roam. :-) Also, with invisible, the dog can still go in the front yard, whereas if we did a “real” fence, it would have just been in the back yard only. I think over time (probably even now), it will be a mute point anyway; she will learn to stay in the yard with or without her collar on and we can keep the fence unit turned off. That’s the goal anyway.

Lisa notes... said...

We still keep it turned on. :-)

Mari-Anna Frangén Stålnacke said...

Excellent analogy! THANK YOU! Abundant blessings to you!

Lisa notes... said...

It is an analogy that I have to keep returning to. I don’t always like being “fenced in” but when the Lord is the one who puts up the boundaries, I want to learn to enjoy them, not rebel against them.

Anonymous said...

Great application, Lisa. It reminds me too that sometimes we think just because there are no visible barriers that it must be "God's will" but then we get discouraged when we feel the jolt. We have to trust Him and stay listening to His voice and lead. Thanks!

Lisa notes... said...

Yeah, sometimes when we don’t see the actual barrier we think we’re all clear.

But God doesn’t always make it so obvious, and sometimes we’re just blind to it anyway.

Trying to trust him more when I feel that jolt!

a joyful noise said...

Our neighbor had one of those invisable fences until their dogs learned to behave without it being turned on. In God we are not fenced in because we are free to choose to obey and follow. In a sense He has set invisible boundries placed within our spirit. If we get too close to the world a signal goes off warning us to stop and stay. Hopefully we stop before there is any need for a shock!!


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