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It’s about the people

Some of my favorite days are when I get to stay at home, having minimal contact with the world.

Yet when I look back over my week, it’s often the contact I’ve had with people that stand out as the best moments.

I’m grateful for these five “people” moments I had over the past week:

1. Family at Hardee’s – on Saturday
When my parents were still alive, several in our family would gather at our local Hardee’s each Saturday morning. Frankly, it’s been harder to get up for it since their deaths, but knowing my aunt and uncle will be there, along with other random family members, gets us up periodically on Saturdays to join them. I’m glad we did this last Saturday, especially since my niece Danielle showed up; she’s moving up north in 2 days and I will miss her.

2. Two Russians at church – on Sunday
Two Russians evangelists that our church helps sponsor spoke to our church last Sunday. Despite English not being their native tongue, they both communicated flawlessly that the Lord shows up in all cultures, to all peoples, at all times. God’s love crosses all boundaries.

3. Lady friends – on Tuesday 
Our friend Chloe met several of us for lunch on Tuesday before she flew back home to Kauai yesterday.  I enjoyed spending time not only with her, but also catching up with some other ladies that I hadn’t seen much lately.

4. Mother-daughter time – on Wednesday
I drove down to Auburn Wednesday morning to take care of my daughter who had been really sick on Tuesday. We spent the day at her trailer just catching up, watching stupid TV shows together, Facebook stalking, and chatting with her boyfriend when he stopped by.

5. Meeting the doc – on Thursday
Like old times, I took Morgan to the doctor yesterday. As one college student after another drifted into the office, Dr. Mike and the staff treated them each with respect. He was amazed at how much better Morgan looked compared to two days earlier, and I was comforted to see her getting good care away from home, with or without mom.

* * *

What people moments did you have this week?

We’re sharing five favorites at Susanne’s.
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aspiritofsimplicity said...

Sounds like a great week. I love being with my family. I am looking forward to spending some of Sat. with my MIL and some of Sunday with my mum.

Hazel said...

People skill is indeed important and when applied brings so much joy and many blessings. I love your 4th fave. Sounds a lot of fun.

justcallmerie said...

Hey Lisa, I love to read your Friday Faves. It sums up your week in a beautiful way. Makes me feel like if we met we could reminisce!

I also enjoyed the video with your daughter, I was too busy to comment that day but today is catch-up day. She is so lovely and hearing you speak was great. Hey - you are real!

Carrie said...

I like having minimum contact with the world for certain periods also. And, like yourself, I discover it's the moments with people that stand out the most!

Having been so sick with morning sickness, we weren't able to get together with anyone for over a month. This past week we've been able to have several people over for dinner and it's been LOVELY to fellowship again! You don't quite recognize the blessing until you haven't been ABLE to do it for awhile!

Jerralea said...

People - One of God's greatest blessing to us. It is so awesome when fellowship is just what we need and God makes it happen!

Glad you were able to minister to your daughter! I was just saying to Brenda that everytime I was ill, I wished for my mom. But she was 1000 miles away ...

Trisha said...

What a beautiful week of fellowship you've had, Lisa! How blessed you and your daughter are to have such a sweet and supportive relationship with one another. I'm glad you could leave her with peace of mind, knowing she was improving. Mothers are made to comfort.

Your mornings at Hardees sound like such a treat, too. You'll always treasure keeping up that tradition. How I miss Hardees ham biscuits!

ellen b said...

sounds like a lot of favorites that tug at the heart! It's good to be able to spend one on one time with our kids. Glad Morgan is doing better. Oh those good ole Russians. I'm 100% Russian and my parents went back to Russia in their 70's and started a church ministry in my dad's village :0) Have a wonderful weekend.

Brenda said...

Looks like we both had sick daughters this week, but its nice to be able to take care of them.

Willow said...

Relationships with people are the most important! I'm glad you were available to help your daughter while she was sick.

Barbara H. said...

I am much the same -- I am not much of a goer and a doer, preferring to be at home, and being able to think better and do more when alone. Yet times with others are treasures, and you had some nice ones this week! The family breakfast is a neat idea. Glad your daughter is doing better and you were able to spend some time together and meet her doctor.

Susanne said...

It's wonderful that your daughter has found a doctor and staff who are kind to the college students. I know that was a big worry for me when my girl went away to school.

Great list!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

So glad that your daughter is better -- how great that you could go to check on her. My boys are so far away.

Love those family get-togethers. So important. Have a great week ahead.


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