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You know He’s saying something

wordsWhat’s He saying? You know it’s something.

For you. Today. Maybe it’s something He’s told you a hundred times before. Or maybe it’s something brand new.

Whichever, if it’s from Him, and if it’s to you, it’s important. So listen up.

But how?

Besides the obvious (the living Word), He often speaks to me through other authors. Sometimes dead ones. Sometimes very alive ones.   

Lately, he’s been using the writings of Paul David Tripp.

My hope is that… you will not settle for self-protection or survival.
~ Paul David Tripp, A Shelter in the Time of Storm

I’ve had this book on my shelf for months. Just hadn’t gotten around to reading it. Until last Friday. Only because I’d finished up others, I finally opened it.

Oh, my.

All I’ve read is the introduction, and He’s got my attention. He’s been waiting to get me where I needed to be before He fed me with this. With Psalm 27. Again. How didn’t I know this book was based on Psalm 27, one of my favorites?

My hope is that these reflections will fill your heart with a patient hope that grows stronger as the trouble-spotted days go by.

This collection of words—a patient hope that grows stronger—is filling me. It’s giving me focus, a place He wants to heal me.

He’s waiting to give you words, too. To heal a hurt or strengthen a gift or correct a sin or build a faith or finish a project.

…I’m inviting you to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. …You’ll get up a changed person.

So look for the words. Look for what he’s trying to tell you.

And when you hear it, hang on to it.
Read it.
Learn it.
Write it.
Live it.
Sing it.
Talk it.
Love it.
Love Him.

Love Him for saying something to you.

* * *



bekahcubed said...

That last one is a great reminder--and goes right along with the quotes I have today. I'm so glad God still speaks.

Janet said...

I find self-protection to be my default mode. Maybe this book would be a good one for me, too!

Barbara H. said...

I had not heard of this book, but it sounds wonderful. I have a tendency toward self-protection as well. When our arms are wrapped tightly about us in self-protection, they're not open to what the Lord has for us.

And "a patient hope that grows stronger" is a thought I hope will stay with me.

Thanks for making the point on your comment to my quotes that emotional healing takes time as well. I had meant to say something along those lines, but had forgotten.

nannykim said...

I love Tripp's books. That book you mentioned is one of my favorites and really spoke to my heart. I love the poems in that book!!

Donna said...

Lisa, this post is timely and rich. I went away over the weekend desiring to hear God freshly. The weekend did not yield the quiet time I thought I needed, but I heard him through the Psalms and in the words penned by Richard Stearns in The Hole in Our Gospel.

Thank you for reminding me that the Lord is always saying something.

Blessings and grace.


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