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Breath Redeemed

i strain to hear
only silence

a breath sneaks out

it sighs i’m still here

and all over
it begins

i strain to hear
only silence

And finally
None escape 
Breath rises on purpose


It shouts I’m home

He hears
He lifts
He embraces

She is strong
She is whole
She is she



In memory of my momto my mom

* * *



Karen said...

Rejoicing with you for her homecoming and mourning with you for your loss. Let me know if you need anything, even if it's just an ear or a shoulder.

Love you, sister.

Dorothy said...

So glad she is finally free but I know how much you will miss her. May God comfort and uplift you, dear sister.

Melissa said...

oh dear sister and friend. i'm crying now as i read this, yet rejoicing. I can't imagine the beauty your mom resides in now, but it gives me pure joy to know we will be there someday too.

praying for you as your grief for you sweet, precious, precious mom.

rest in Him and His perfect peace.

Stephani Cochran said...

Thanks for sharing your Mom with us, and thank God for sharing her with you! Praying for you today and in the weeks and months to come. I know you will miss her. You have been his hands and feet to her, and He will send hands and feet to help you. Never alone. Always loved.

elizabeth said...

Oh Lisa, my heart goes out to you and wish I could do more than leave a blog comment. What a conflict of feeling, glad she is free and not suffering, but your Mama is gone ...I remember suddenly feeling like a little girl when my dad died. Thank God for eternal life, that these goodbyes are only for a moment, and then we will have forever.
Hug and prayers sweet friend.

denise said...

Beautiful words Lisa. Praying for you and your family. Love, Denise

Becky said...

I am just reading this... my heart aches for you as you will miss her dearly.

Much love to you, and may His grace be multiplied over you. Let the song of joy which comes after mourning be sweet to your soul.

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Dear Lisa,

Just now catching up and reading this. Praying for you as you walk the line of grief and joy.

Much, much love,



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