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4 traits of committed teens (& parents?)

       Is there a teen in your house? pray over teenAccording to author Kenda Creasy Dean in her book Almost Christian via this article on, committed Christian teens share four traits:

  1. A personal story about God they can share
  2. A deep connection to a faith community
  3. A sense of purpose
  4. A sense of hope about their future

What about you, the parent?

  1. Do you know your God-story? Do you talk about it to others?
  2. How connected are you to your church? Do you have real friends there or just acquaintances?
  3. Why are you here? Are you content with that?
  4. Are you hopeful about what’s next? Do you look forward to it?

Your kids walk in your steps. Know what your footprints look like.

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