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Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday @ BermudaOnion Have you learned any new words in your reading this week? Here are 6 new words to me. Visit other word-lovers at Kathy’s to see more words.

1. accretion
(n) [uh-KREE-shuhn]

Definition—any gradual increase in size, as through growth or external addition

Use“It’s always (almost always, anyway) a matter of accretion. Drip, drip, drip.”
~ Tribes

loggia 2. loggia
(n) [LOH-jee-uh]

Definition—an open-sided, roofed or vaulted gallery, either free-standing or along the front or side of a building, often at an upper level

Use“Pieces were found among building materials in the garden patios of Roman nobility and stairway decorations inside the loggia of Saint Peter’s.”
~ The Last Ember

3. steganography

Definition—act of writing in code or cipher

UseSteganography offers not only privacy, but secrecy, obscuring that you have sent any message at all.”
~ The Last Ember

Athenian vase 4. amphora
(n) [AM-fer-uh]

Definition—a two-handled jar with a narrow neck used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to carry wine or oil

Use“Within two months, Jonathan went from being a Rome Prize fellow to tagging amphorae in the storeroom of Sotheby’s back in New York to make rent.”
~ The Last Ember

5. ninhydrin
(n) [nin-HAHY-drin]

Definition—a chemical reagent used for the detection and analysis of primary amines

Use“We are running ninhydrin tests for prints.”
~ The Last Ember

hypogeum 6. hypogeum
(n) [hahy-puh-JEE-uhm]

Definition—an ancient subterranean burial chamber, such as a catacomb

Use“He knew the hypogeum, the labyrinth of passageways beneath the Colosseum, not excavated until the nineteenth century, leaving it mostly intact.”
~ The Last Ember


bermudaonion said...

Wow, that book does have a lot of new words in it! I knew loggia for some reason, but all the rest are new to me. I'm going to try to remember amphora, so I can impress everyone the next time I go to a museum. Thanks for participating!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Are you loving The Last Ember? The author left a comment on my blog the other week; he has a new one coming out in the spring!

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, I am loving The Last Ember. You know I'm reading it because of your recommendation! You haven't led me wrong yet. :-)

Hope you're enjoying the Greek alphabet. I learned it through song, so I still sing it instead of say it (at least in my head, ha).

I hope to get back to joining you on Memory Monday next week.


Margot said...

I found steganography interesting because it's probably the root word for stenography. I always like the images you use.


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