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What I want for her

I fill up the old journal on Tuesday, May 25, 2010.
The new journal begins on Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

journalsI must keep them going. Because I need to see.

My 3-Blessings journals hold my sightings of God
      1. Something I’ve seen God do in the past 24 hours
Some way he’s helping me now, in this day
Somewhere I’m anticipating him being in the next 24 hours

What I want for me, I want for her.

Look for opportunities to point your teenager to God.

Age of Opportunity

She needs a place where she can see him. Sometimes it’s through other people, through the Word, through time. Sometimes it’s each other.

But sometimes it’s not.

We have to protect our teens
from a distant, passive-God theology.

Many teenagers believe in a God who simply
doesn’t make any difference, so their faith and
their lives exist on two completely different levels.

She needs her own place.

A place where she can point to God herself.
A place for little things. Big things. All things.

Mon, 3-2-09
Thank you, God,
that I made a new friend—Lynn—thru Rest Ministries who is very much an encourager
      2. that I’ve seen another weak spot that I know to better prepare for in the future
      3. that Jeff encouraged me to enjoy life and what I don’t get done today, I can do tomorrow

Don’t let them live in functional atheism, a practical view of life in which God is absent.

Look for natural ways of pointing to
the presence, power, and provision of the Lord.

I want her to see that He’s working. He’s busy. He’s here.

Wed, 8-12-09
Thank you, God,
      1. that it went so easily, quickly at Dr. T today and I don’t have to go back for a year
      2. that the new Aaron Shust CD is so worshipful to you and ministering to me
      3. that in 2 hours I’ll be singing with the body

Point out direct answers to prayer.

Talk about situations in which he has given
strength and wisdom.

Help your teenager to recognize instances
of the Lord’s protection and provision.

What I want for her, I want for me.
What I want for me, I want for her.

Yesterday, 8-24-10
Thank you, God,
      1. that I’ve encouraged Jenna to start her own 3-Blessings journal  
      2. that Mary Ann continues to be a faithful friend to Mama and rubs her feet with lotion
3. that I already have enchiladas in the fridge ready to cook for supper tonight

Today, I want to see how good God is.
So today, I will help her see him, too.2 Samuel 22 * * *

What do you want for the children in your life?
Is it something you want for yourself, too?

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Michelle DeRusha said...

This is beautiful, Lisa. I love the simplicity of a 3 Blessings journal. It's manageable, it's doable...yet it seems like it is so fruitful in its simplicity. Perhaps my son and I can start one at the same time? I don't think 9 is too young to start. And neither is 40 too old!

Thank you for a wonderful idea.

Karen said...

What a beautiful idea. I *can* do this.... and perhaps introduce the idea to 1 or more of my children as well.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

This is an incredible post, Lisa. I am going to print it out and read it during my devotional time tomorrow. I think it will help me pray better for my children and grandchildren.

That term, "functional atheism" is staggering!


Adoption Mama said...

So many times, I try to succeed on my own...seemingly forgetting about my Master. He orders my days and years and I must always praise Him...even in the storm.

Lynn Severance said...

I am thankful for the friendship God brought us through Rest Ministries, Lisa. It is a true blessing to me. That and being an honorary Coates' sister, I might add as well!

Erin said...

Thank you so much for writing this. Your post is such a blessing to me- I used to journal as an important part of my relationship with God and that habit has been lost in the few years since my kids were born. I have been thinking about returning to my journals but was fighting thoughts that it would take time I didn't have. But this simple format is something I *know* I can keep up with and something that will serve me well. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Camille said...

How beautiful this is! I *love* "Age of Opportunity"...SUCH a good book for parenting in the teen years! Or any years, for that matter. :)

Your idea is wonderful Lisa...thank you for sharing. I stopped by yesterday, but didn't have enough time to digest this post. Today I have, and I thank you for this. What a do-able and tangible way to "see" God's hand in our lives.

Blessings to you!
In Him,

P.S. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and encourage me at "my place" yesterday! :)

Monica Sharman said...

Wow, I love your 1-2-3! Past, present, future. What a great structure for remembering and recording.
I think I'm going to try it...


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