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“Garden” of Heaven—For now and later

I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven and how good things will be there.

And wishing we could have more of those things here, now.
No crying, no pain, no death.
No need for locks or medicines or cemeteries.
All safe and well in the garden, face to face with Jesus.

This song speaks to me of these things. Not just the words, but the harmony in the two voices accentuates to me the harmony we’ll experience in heaven with the Father and each other.

Enjoy the song for now and the thought for later.Garden - Matt MaherGarden
Matt Maher

In the cool of the day
You come and meet me
All the blue fades away
The stars are winking
Your love's so strong
I can't recall
What was this thing
They called the fall?

CHORUS: And You walk with me
You never leave
You're making my heart a garden

Oh why would I hide
Away from Your face
When the light of Your love

Your hand in mine
A steady line
Drawn on my heart
And deep in my mind


All the broken are mending
The mournful rejoicing
Seeing through tears
Of peace overflowing


* * *


Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you Lisa. I have not heard this song before but how beautiful it is. Thanks so much for sharing the lyrics. I wish you a blessed weekend.

Michelle said...

This is beautiful!
To know He is making a garden of my heart.

Karen said...

Oh, I like that...this is my first time hearing it, too...I especially like this line and what it means...

"You come and meet me"

The God of all creation comes to us...

Thena said...

Never heard it before. But it's a lovely song.


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