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Five things that helped my week

Five of my favorites this week seem like little things, but sometimes it’s the little things that can get you through a day.

1. Sweet sleep (Saturday)
I’m a horrible sleeper. And lately, my mom has been, too. Because she’s at risk for falling, we’ve hired extra help to stay with her while she goes through this rarely-sleeping phase. But last Saturday, she slept 4 straight hours of the 6 hours that I was with her. I was happy to see her finally rest.

2. A friend who visits (Tuesday)
My mom has some wonderful friends, but not all are comfortable enough or able to visit her now. So the few who can are precious indeed. When Mary Ann stopped in Tuesday for her weekly visit, I could see Mama’s face light up. When Mama tried to drink Mary Ann’s coke, she let her. Later she took Mama’s socks off and rubbed her feet with lotion. She plays along and talks and hugs and loves.

If I get Alzheimer’s some day, I pray I’ll have friends as faithful as Mary Ann. And I hope I’ll be a friend like Mary Ann if my friends are the ones needing the visits.

3. More earrings (Wednesday)earringsJenna got her ears re-pierced Wednesday. That means that soon there will be earrings in the house for me to borrow.

4. Good night prayers (Wednesday)
I’ve been blessed this summer to pray with 4 other people every Wednesday night. But last night ended the quarter. While I’ll miss our time together, I’ll be watching how God moves through the things we prayed about.

5. Fish with the in-laws (Thursday)in-lawsMy f-i-l turned 70 this week. So my m-i-l fried his favorite supper of hush puppies and crappie for us all to celebrate with them last night. They’re wonderful people, as is Jeff’s brother and wife. They’re family to me as much as my own blood family.

* * *

What favorite things helped you through this week?


Faith said...

Enjoyed reading your list!
My fave thing that got me thru the week was reading some favorite well as what I posted about in the wonderful that you were part of a prayer group. I lead a Moms in Touch prayer group for our public school and I can't wait for it to start up again....we have 1 1/2 wks left before school starts and it is one of my fave things about the start of school: a new prayer group!

Melissa said...

Friends like Mary Ann are blessings, aren't they?

I have been undecided about joining a women's Bible study that starts next month. After I read what you said about your prayer group, I feel strongly led to do it. Thank you!

Jientje said...

Your Mom is blessed to have you and such a good friend who take care of her. This moved me. Have a great week.

Hazel said...

What a great friend Mary Ann is. She's rare. Happy birthday to the FIL.

Barbara H. said...

Sleep is such a blessed restorative. I'm glad your mom was able to get some good rest.

My mil had a Mary Anne who visited her from our old church -- same name! What a blessing people are who are willing to step beyond their own comfort zones to minister to others, to just e a friend. I hope the Lord gives my mil another "Mary Ann" here where we are now.

You're blessed with such great in-laws!

It will be neat to see how God answers the prayers from this summer.

Kari said...

what a dear sweet friend Mary Ann is. Your description of her service spoke a lot to my heart.
My daughter has also had to re-pierce her ears a couple of times.
I enjoyed reading your list.
Happy weekend.

Jerralea said...

Ah, sweet sleep ... how I love it! I'm so sorry to hear that both you and your mom struggle with sleeping. I'll definitely be praying that that will change.

I was touched by your description of Mary Ann. I hope I can be Mary Ann to my friends too ... She sounds like a wonderful blessing!

Carrie said...

Yay for sweet sleep!

And I grinned about the earrings.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

ellen b said...

Great list! That really is a blessing to have good friends like that for your mom. I'm glad she was able to sleep those 4 hours, too.
A home cooked meal filled with love is the best. Glad you enjoy each other! Blessings on your weekend.

Brenda said...

Nice list with a lot of positive things. It is amazing how our spouses family comes to be so dear to us. Fish is one of my favorite foods as well.

TXDidi said...

Your comment about your mom's friend really touched me. Friends like that who can accept us as we are in a difficult stage of life are true gems. Your mom is blessed.

Susanne said...

It's so nice to know that one's mom has a wonderful friend like that. I'm sure she is such a blessing to your mom as are you.

I smiled at your looking forward to earrings to borrow. I never thought of that but I'll have to look into it. LOL.

momma24 said...

What a blessing for your mom to have such a faithful friend. May we be so faithful. Sleep has been illusive for me lately as well. :(

Great list!

Brenda said...

I was trying to picture myself visiting you with Alzheimers and rubbing lotion on your feet. A sweet thought, but you know, it was easier to picture myself bringing Beth along and the two of us having alot of laughs at your expense! Like some ideas I have are to paint your toenails a rainbow of neon colors, put tattoos on your feet (or arms, legs, hands, etc.) or maybe write on your toes and fingers to spell out funny phrases, dress you in t-shirts that say completely inappropriate things, spike your hair into a mohawk and paint the tips purple... wow... I'm getting excited just thinking of all the fun we'll have! (I always feel bad commenting on here because everyone else always says such sweet things and I'm always being my goofy self! What's really scaring you right now is you know I would actually do these things! :-))

Karyn said...

What wonderful BIG things blessed you this week!

Lisa notes... said...

So obviously I'll need to stay lucid long enough to dump you as a friend or else post a bouncer at the nursing home door to keep you away from me. ;-)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I loved your prayers in #2 -- oh, to be like Mary Ann!

And I smiled at "more earrings to borrow." Never had that experience!

Hope the week ahead is great for you!

Joanne said...

Yes, what a gift to have faithful friends walking alongside you through the sunshine and through the shadows...what a special friend Mary Ann is! Thank you for sharing your fave's...


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