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“Only You Remain”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays

She was in a happy mood. I was glad. Along with two other residents in the room and my older sister, we had our typical as-zany-as-you-can-imagine semi-conversations. (I must transcribe one someday.)

That’s fine. I expect those.

But later my mom looked at my sister and me in confusion and asked if we were twins.

What? Of course we’re not twins. 

I was crushed. For weeks I’ve suspected she only off and on knew who we were, but as long as she didn’t verbalize otherwise, I could assume she knew.

But when she had to ask, I knew the answer. And even though I knew this day was coming, it still hurt...not to be recognized by my mother.

I was proud of my sister. She just explained who we were and went on.
She’s much stronger than she thinks she is.

I, on the other hand, walked into her bathroom and cried.
I’m much weaker than I think I am.

Then Sings My Soul SaturdayOn the ride home, I wanted to hear a song about the Unchangeable One. I’d had enough of instability, of change, of chaos—give me the One who is constant, fixed, permanent.

This Mercy Me song was next on my CD.

Here it is for you.
Revel in Him who is firm, immovable, and eternal.

For more music, visit through Amy’s links.


Only You Remain
Mercy Me

[Verse 1:]
Only One. Never having a beginning
Only One. Who reigns when everything is ending
High above
Glorious and true

We sing holy. The only uncreated One
Holy. The Light that was before the sun
You shine
And even when the stars have left the sky

You remain
Even when the earth is shaken
You remain
Even when our kings have fallen
Every mountain standing tall will crash into the sea
You were. You are. You will be
Only You remain

[Verse 2:]
Only One. Who stood before the universe
Only One. Authored life with just a word
Lord of all
There is none like You

Forever the same
You remain


annies home said...

what a beautiful song I have worked in homes such as this and you would be suprised how often they recall the ones they love many times they seem so lost and then at a moment when you would not expect they have a memory rush to their minds and a smile on their face many times not saying a word only to be happy and we know that they had a past thought go through their mind

Dianna said...

I'm so sorry, Lisa. I can only imagine how hurt you must have been. Praying for God's tenderness toward your heart today. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

How great that the Lord ministered to your breaking heart with this song...

Tears are not a sign of weakness, but of compassion....

Debbie Petras said...

Oh Lisa I hear your pain! How difficult it is when your mother is at this stage. As a nurse, I've seen that heartbreak many times. However, I've never experienced it personally.

How like our God to minister and comfort you through song. Only He is unchangeable. And how awesome that we can praise Him together on our TSMSS. I love that as I visit other blogs. To see why you've chosen this song and to listen to your heart. What a privilege, even though we may live many miles apart.

As your sister in Christ, I pray for you Lisa as you go through this tough season.

Sending you hugs,

Lisa notes... said...

I appreciate all your sweet notes and prayers. It's very comforting to be surrounded everywhere I go with people of God, cheering me on. I want to love my mom as best as I can in whatever time she has left, and the encouragement from others helps me do that. Thank you!

Amy Sullivan said...

Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with the world. Don't doubt your strength, and don't let tears fool you into thinking you aren't a woman of immense strength handling a situation full of great pain.

Lisa notes... said...

I hear you. I don't need to negate my tears as a sign of weakness. I do that too often with myself, but I don't with others. Strange how we're often hardest on ourselves...
So thanks for the reminder.

Stephani Cochran said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa. I'm praying for you during this transition with your mother. My parents don't have Alzheimers, but they are in their eighties and they are no longer completely the parents who raised me and become less so with each visit it seems. I am fearful of the future, but I must rely on God's strength to deal with what lies ahead. I told my husband recently that no matter how old we've gotten and no matter how independent we become our parents still seem like a safety net below us. That is until now. We are now their safety net. Sometimes I cry and say "I miss my mom." Yet she is still here, and I don't want to miss the "now" moments because of the "what might be moments. You inspire me. He is strong when you are weak. Thanks for your openness.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lisa that must have been hard....but as you always do so faithfully you cling to the Only ONE....and then you blog about it. :) You are an encouragement for the way you have handled so many difficulties in your life as of late with God's strength!
That is a great song btw, I had never heard going to download it!

Lisa notes... said...

I know you what mean about the safety net. Today at our big family meal, the whole older generation was missing. It was weird BEING the oldest generation.

I miss who my parents once were, too. I wonder if they felt that way about us when we left them as young adults and headed into our new lives...

That song probably hasn't been released on the radio yet, but it's on Mercy Me's new CD. Hopefully it will become better known in time. Aren't we blessed by so many songwriters and singers who can express God's wonders so beautifully!

Michelle said...

I like that `Be still and know that I Am God`

seesawfaith said...

This was my song choice for this week as well. It is amazing how God ministers to us all in such unique ways, and yet we all need the same thing; maybe not with the same struggles, but ultimately with the same need. To lean in closer to Christ and to feel His Love, be wrapped in His Comfort, and to KNOW that we are His Chosen One.

My Mom struggled with my Grandmother in the same way you struggle now, my Mom withered away from cancer before God took her home. You are right, it will all come flying apart if we don't remember who the One is who will always be there, no matter what. Praying for you.

Lisa notes... said...

I'm putting the link here to seesawfaith's post of the same song. She added some great scriptures to help us see how big God is. They're a great reminder that we are in such safe and strong hands.


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