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Crossing bridges—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story Do you have gephyrophobia?
It’s the fear of crossing bridges.

Traveling to Grandma’s house as a child from Alabama to Mississippi meant crossing the drawbridge in Decatur.   Back then, I wasn’t so sure that my dad wouldn’t try to jump the gap of an open drawbridge. Keller Memorial Bridge

So I hated that bridge. I was afraid we’d get caught on it halfway up.

But crossing the bridge meant one step closer to eating supper (in the car, of course). We had to wait until the other side of Decatur to eat our bologna sandwiches packed up by my mom. And share the one thermos of water she brought for all six of us (Just 1, Mom? Reducing unnecessary bathroom stops?).

The Keller Memorial Bridge has since been torn down, and a new concrete bridge stands in its place. I’m not crazy about driving over that bridge either, or any high bridges over water.

But I do appreciate that bridges get me to the other side.

Here are 5 bridges that have served me well this week.

1. From old home to new home
We drove by my parents’ house last night and I cried anew at its emptiness. So much change in such a short time.

But I am incredibly thankful that we’ve successfuly bridged my mom to a new home where she receives great care and love. The staff at her assisted living facility are incredibly kind and gentle with her, and love on her more than I could ever have imagined.

2. From pain to pleasure
My mom’s knees hurt horribly from arthritis. To get cortisone shots Wednesday first meant getting into a car, which is a fearful thing to her, one obstacle of many small things we take for granted. Once she survived that, she had to adjust to the pouring rain while we crossed the Tennessee River.

When I passed a slow car on the bridge, she surprised me by saying, “This is dangerous.”

It made me laugh, but sometimes we have to do what seems dangerous to get us from pain to pleasure. She got the shots that day and hopefully will feel much better.

3. From child-rearing to empty nest
I’m temporarily stepping out this week on that bridge between one shore of active child-rearing to the other shore of empty nest. Jenna has been on a mission trip so it’s just been Jeff and me at home. While I’m not ready for Jenna to be gone full-time yet, I have to admit that for this week it worked out just fine.

marshmallow circus peanuts4. From Grandma’s tradition to mine 
Orange circus peanuts bridge the gap between generations. My grandmother used to keep these at her house, and occasionally I’ll buy a bag for nostalgia’s sake. (And because I love them!)

I discovered last night I’m not alone—I drew out quite a few other peanut lovers (and okay, a few haters) when I posted about them in my facebook status. Facebook status

5. From danger to deliverance
Bridges are meant to bear only a certain load.
Exceed their capacity, and they’ll break. Certain temptations I can bear up under, but I don’t want to exceed my capacity to obey by walking along with a temptation when I should be running away from it.

“Rock of Refuge” has been a special song to me for a long time, but this week it took on an even deeper meaning. It tells me from Psalm 31 where I’ll be safe, where I should run, and what to do when I get there. In You Oh Lord

Did you know that some cities offer services just to drive you over a bridge?

Jesus does that and is that for us. He is my bridge—from death to life. He removes my guilt; he makes me righteous; he bears my load. I praise him.

No need to be gephyrophobic with him.

I will rejoice and be glad in your steadfast love,
because you have seen my affliction;
you have known the distress of my soul, 
and you have not delivered me into the hand of the enemy;
you have set my feet in a broad place.
Psalm 31:7-8

* * *

For your educational pleasure, watch this 1-minute video on how drawbridges work:  How drawbridges workWhat bridges have you crossed this week?
Eaten any orange circus peanuts along the way?
You either love ‘em or hate ‘em!

Join Susanne for more favorites this week at Friday’s Fave Five.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I don't really like bridges either. I live on the border of Maine and New Hampshire and in order to get into Maine I have to cross the Piscatiqua river. I have a choice of three bridges in what is probably a 3 mile radius but either way I have to go over one of them in order to go further than 10 miles north of my house. So, I have trained myself to enjoy the views. the city of Portsmouth with the Navy ship yard in the distance is beautiful to see from so high up.
And, I love orange circus peanuts. We used to by them for a penny a piece at Mandy's candy store. Have you ever tried them frozen?

Lisa notes... said...

Frozen? I've never even though of that. But since I have some handy, I will give it a try today...Thanks!

Jerralea said...

Great post today, Lisa. I liked your discussion on bridges. I used to have to cross the Mississippi River every day over a narrow creaking bridge. The first time my sister came to visit me and we went over that bridge, she dropped down into the floor of the car and hid her face! Guess she has gephyrophobia ... who knew? Now we have a new wonderful wide bridge to cross the river - we are blessed!

Circus peanuts instantly make me think of my granny. She loved to buy them. Now, I am having a real craving for them ... and I want to try hip chick's idea of freezing them so I need two bags!

Cathie said...

Thanks for your Fave Five and linking them together with the theme of bridges. I enjoy your thoughts and posts.

I always had mixed feelings for circus peanuts, and when I found out the flavor is banana, I knew why. I kind of like them, but I don't like bananas!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa notes... said...

I looked it up: circus peanuts have been around since the 1800's. Did you know that in 1963 they took shavings from them to help create Lucky Charms? So says the authority, Wikipedia.

Brenda said...

Good analogy of our lives moments with bridges.

Can you believe I have never eaten circus peanuts? All this discussion makes me want to try them! :)

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Oh I just to have nightmare every time I cross the bridge in New Orleans. I had the same fear that I would fall..

TXDidi said...

Great post. I haven't been to Michigan since we sold my parents' home so I haven't had to face driving past the house but I know it will be painful when I do. Have you ever driven over the Mackinaw Bridge? Now THERE'S a bridge. Have a great week. I hope your mom's arthritis improves after those shots.

Barbara H. said...

What great object lessons about bridges. I have the same love/hate relationship with them -- they make me uncomfortable, but I couldn't get many places without them.

I liked those peanuts as a child, but I don't think I'd like them now -- you can have my share. :-)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Oh, I loved your FFF this week -- the bridge theme was so creative and thought-provoking. How great that we can trust that He is our bridge.

I'm the teacher skipping across the bridge from school year to summer! And those circus peanuts? I wouldn't eat them every day, but sometimes I just have to have one!

Cindy said...

Bridges! Not my favourite in fact I live on an Island, the kids would laugh at me when we crossed the Confederation Bridge and I had to always have the car door open. Ya, I know it isn't safe but you are not allowed to cross at high speed. I then graduated to driving across with the window down.

This was a great post, bridging the gap. Orange peanuts, I'll look for them and think of you. Glad to hear your mom will be feeling better.

Lisa notes... said...

So I see I'm not the only one with an aversion to bridges. And now I know where to find some really tough ones if I ever need to undergo behavioral therapy to conquer my fear. ;-)

Brenda said...

Funny someone mentioned the Mackinaw Bridge... I'm from Michigan and have been longing to see it and drive over it... so my sister and I have planned to take the kids up there this summer when I am "home". I am VERY excited. It's scary-but also kind-of thrilling. I showed a picture of it to Jacob and he said, "No way, I'm not going on that".... I hate to break it to him, but yes he is! :-)

Anyway- thanks for making me think about "bridges" in a more metaphorical way.

And I'll be sure to have a bag of circus peanuts by day's end.

Susanne said...

What a neat post, Lisa! Life is full of bridges to cross, isn't it? This week we're crossing bridges of hard financial decisions. It's a bridge I'd rather ignore, but unfortunately, cross it I must.

I haven't had a marshmallow peanut in I don't know how long.

Willow said...

It depends on the bridge. I love some, hate others. I'm sure there is a spiritual lesson there somewhere.

I'm so glad that your mom is in a great assisted living home. That makes all the difference. (Believe me, I know...)

I think you'd enjoy the writing seminar--check out Institute for Excellence in Writing, Andrew Pudewah. I use his program for my writing classes. He's having a symposium in NC the end of July--I'm attending it :)

Yes, San Diego is a beautiful city!

Lisa notes... said...

Dee and Brenda - I looked up a pic of the Mackinaw Bridge. Saw one with people walking on it. Like THAT is ever going to happen with me! Ha.

Willow - I saw Andrew Pudewah's DVD's way back when I was teaching writing to my oldest daughter. I love the techniques he uses. Great stuff. I'm sure I would enjoy his seminars.

Peanut update:
The frozen ones didn't do it for me, but I did try. I'll have to stick with fresh or nada.

seesawfaith said...

Great post. We really don't notice all the bridge moments in our life do we? Seemingly small things that can grow us in a big way. Thanks for the call to open my eyes, especially my spiritual eyes, to look for them.

On the lighter topic...

I used to love circus peanuts but O.D.'d on them as a child and now I can have one or two on a rare occasion without feeling ill. I do love them this way though...



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