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“Plan B”—Book review

Every few years I have to switch from my Plan A to a new Plan B.
It’s usually spurred by a loss—of a spouse or a church or a child. 

This time, it’s a parent.

My latest Plan A was for my dad to outlive my mom. As her primary caregiver, he was strong, capable, loving. But lung cancer changed that for him. And for us. We had to change gears (and fast!), and are full-force ahead into Plan B.

The only constant I’ve seen in both my Plan A’s and my Plan B’s? God.

So…I wonder…
has my Plan B—all along—really been God’s Plan A? Plan B by Pete Wilson

Because I’m fresh in this Plan B, I signed up with Thomas Nelson’s Book Sneeze program to read Pete Wilson’s book, Plan B.

I’m glad I did.

While Wilson doesn’t have a lot of new material that you’ve never heard, and sometimes you may find him too “hip” or too into details, and sometimes you may wish he’d push a little harder, overall, he’s saying stuff you need to hear. In your world. In your own Plan B.

Everyone needs healing. Everyone. Everyone has shattered dreams. Every one of us has been let down and disappointed in one way or another.

Wilson helps you get down to the nitty-gritty of why you hate Plan B’s. Part of it? Fear of the unknown.

We’re afraid of what we can’t see, what we can’t anticipate, what can jump out at us, what can go bump in the night. We’re afraid of being disoriented and vulnerable, at the mercy of forces beyond our control.

But he points out that our real problem isn’t fear; it’s lack of faith. “We’ve lost confidence that our heavenly Father will take care of us.”

So he poses this question: “What would you do if you were absolutely confident God was with you?”

Instead of defaulting to “God has abandoned me” because life isn’t turning out the way you hoped, remember that God is with you. He knows what he’s doing. Even when you don’t have a clue. Choose to trust him, not your circumstances.

Wilson also suggests allowing authentic community to help you adjust to your Plan B. While it won’t take away the pain, it will help tilt you away from hopelessness.

He includes chapters on waiting, on power & hope, transformation through tragedy, and ends with “The Bow,” or the lack thereof. Instead of wrapping up the book with a pretty bow on top, having answered all questions, Wilson admits that many questions won’t be answered down here.

  • Instead of an answer, God offers us something better. He offers us a solution. He offers us the cross.
  • Faith is saying I choose to believe in you, God, more than this or that tragedy.
  • The question is, do you think you can sacrifice who you are today for who you could become?

That last question is a doozy.

But when I see that my Plan B’s headed me in the right direction even more than the predicted outcomes of some of my Plan A’s, I have to believe that God does know what he’s doing.

And I need to trust him with my current Plan B as well.

We must be willing, if necessary, to abandon the life we’ve planned and dreamed of in order to receive the life that our God has authored for us.

Are you ready for your Plan B?

* * *

You can download a free chapter and join the online conversation about Plan B’s.


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