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A growth spurt

We took Kandie to the vet yesterday for another round of shots. Three weeks ago she weighed 13 pounds. Now? 21 pounds.

The vet said she’s going through a fast growing spurt. In another 9 months, she’ll be full height. Kandie at the vet

Growth spurts are exciting. But they require extra care. Eat a healthy diet; get plenty of rest; exercise appropriately.

My Year of Breathing Deeply is about that.

While I can’t make myself grow any more than Kandie can will it on herself (only the Lord causes growth, 1 Corinthians 3:6-7), I can make sure that we’re both prepared for it.

For me, I’m breathing in His sustenance—deep gulps—and breathing out His praise. I’m logging them in a journal so I don’t take them for granted and forget to notice they’re happening. breathing Him in

The inhales have come...
Through songs. Through ‘randomly’ bumping into a cousin. Through an extra 30 minutes of play here and there. Through an e-mail of encouragement. Through a Bible verse taking root.

The exhales come, too…
Opportunities to praise Him with friends. Mutual encouragement among sisters. Times when I could have gotten angry but didn’t. Stilted but sweet conversations with dementia sufferers.

The Spirit nurtures my growth—in harmony—my breathing in, breathing out.

A sacred rhythm.

The vet said that while Kandie’s bones may mature in a year, she won’t have full muscle growth and girth for another year after that. I think of lanky teenage boys whose bones outgrow their muscles. Not until their 20s do some of them catch up. They can look and feel awkward.

Perhaps my growth will be that way, too.

While my faith is being stretched in this season, I won’t gain full strength until a later one. My spiritual muscle may not catch up for awhile. I may look and feel awkward.

No matter. I trust the Growth-Giver.
Because He knows what He’s doing, I can breathe easy.

* * *

When’s the last time you’ve been through a growth spurt?
What did you learn?

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Amy Smith said...

Very thoughtful, inspiring blog. :)

Dianna said...

Hello Lisa,
I have been away with my hubby for a week. We went to visit our son and his family in Maine. It was a wonderful time of relaxation, celebration and family time.

I've been trying to take a little time each day since our return to try and catch up on the blog reading that I missed while I was gone. I have been going over yours for a while now...SUCH GOOD STUFF here, Lisa!

There is one thing in particular that I so appreciate about you and that is the way you share about your resources! As a result of some things you shared when you were reading The Brusied Reed, I ordered the book and now have it in my possession. Looking forward to getting started on it this afternoon. Now I see that you have mentioned the Scripture memory from John Piper's that my daughter-in-law also recommended when we were together last week! And I've added Shed Stuff to my wish list on I know I can trust the things you recommend...thank you SO much.

Hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week!

elizabeth said...

Thank you for your kind encouragement. I know you understand the path I am walking. Blessings to you sweet blog friend!

Michelle DeRusha said...

I like your metaphor here, Lisa -- breathing, growing, exhaling. I think the last time I had a real fast growth spurt was when I decided to become a believer. It was fast and furious at first. Now it's ebbed a bit -- still growing all the time (I hope), but not at quite the frentic pace.

Anonymous said...

Such an inhalable moment, Lisa. God gives us plenty of Himself to breathe. It is truly up to us to take those breaths. He grows us as we take them in deeply. Thank you for visiting me today and encouraging me.
May your day be blessed and a blessing.
~ linda

Jaime @ Like a Bubbling Brook said...

Love the journaling idea. It's something I need to get back to; I used to keep journals when I was younger and now, somehow, life seems to get in the way :o)

Anonymous said...


I am glad...we are learning. Growth does not necessary mean mature. I am glad..for the spurt but I am more glad when my soul and heart grows...albeit in small and unseen ways before I get there where God have me be!

A blessed and inspiring article.



Tightwad In Training said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing!

Mommy Emily said...

beautiful. so much to think about... today i join you in this seemingly simple, yet somehow, so-hard, act of breathing... thank you.


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