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God-moments: Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story How many good moments does it take to make a good week?

Sometimes I chalk up my week as simply bad. Hard things happen. Moods turn ugly. Things go wrong.

But then Friday comes. And I pick out five things I’m thankful for. It always come easy. When I look at those things, I ask myself, “Hey! Did I have a good week after all?

Do good moments have to outnumber bad moments to classify the week as good?

“There’s a big difference
between looking for the good in the bad
and looking for God in the bad.”

That statement by Deek Dubberly gave me pause this week.

My week isn’t good if it’s had good moments.
My week is good if it’s had God-moments.

It’s not about balancing the good over the bad.

It’s about God in all of it.

So where have I seen God in the bad this week?

1. Meltdowns
I crumbled (again) on Tuesday night in a conversation with my hubby. I had asked for advice, but didn’t like his answer. He was kind, but I was touchy. We talked it out again on Wednesday night (with great results).

God used the 24 hours in between to remind me (again) that I have a very patient husband who loves me even when I’m unlovable.

2. Time constraints
I continue to struggle with balancing my time. My mom had some debilitating pain earlier in the week, so I kept rearranging my schedule to check on her.

That meant fewer checks off my planned to-do list, but God keeps reminding me that his to-do list is more important than mine. And more satisfying in the long run.

3. Discomforts
I didn’t want to go to a meeting, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I prayed about it, but I dreaded it and was negative about it.

But God showed me that I was wrong. It worked out fine, and for the first time in a long while, I left the meeting feeling more encouraged than discouraged.

4. Impurities
Rarely Never is any activity or relationship 100% pure. Because they’re all comprised of impure people. Including me.

As I strive to keep healthy and God-glorifying relationships this week, God keeps showing me how much I need him to do that. On my own, forget it. With him, all things are possible.

5. Phone calls
Sometimes I hate the phone (is that okay to say?). I made several dreaded phone calls yesterday afternoon. One was to a financial institution for over 30 minutes. But as we talked, I discovered (okay, God revealed it) that this man used to work in elderly care before he switched careers, and so he was thus super helpful and kind to me as a result.

A nice treat from God to hook me up with just this person!  And using the phone, at that.

God is good, huh? In all his moments.

* * *
Where did you have good moments in your week?

Where did you have God-moments?

Join Susanne and the gang to share at Friday’s Fave Five.


Anonymous said...


This work was a good one...based on circumstances of course. But it was also a good week because there were God moments too. In the middle of the week, I was alittle considered about a particular project...but when I got down to it, it brought some surprising results. And yes...there is some other things which are still waiting to be done, and even though they were pushed ahead...I still believe I had God moments in spite of it.

I will remember to measure my week...based in His presence in my life.

Thank you and God bless!


Carrie said...

God-moments. I love that. Thank you for spelling everything out the way you did. God is so big even in the small things and its beautiful to see.

I hope your weekend is peaceful and restful.

ellen b said...

Oh yes God is good all the time. Sounds like you were in the midst of "lessons" all week. I'm glad things proved good :0)

Jerralea said...

I'm glad you could see the God-moments even in the uncomfortable times! Thanks for the challenge to look for God-moments in my days - good or bad!

Cathie said...

Thanks for reminding me today that we need to look for God's plan in every day events, both good and bad ones. If we pray for guidance and strength, God does help us through and makes blessings out of dreaded moments and frustrations.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

"On my own? Forget it!" A great reminder for me.
Love your observations about impurities, and I related to the meltdown.

Have you heard of the concept of "rapport" and "report" in husband-wife communication? Someone pointed it out to me a couple of weeks ago, and it made a lot of sense. I think I'm going to blog about that sometime soon...

Marg said...

I loved your post...I've been feeling all of the above in the past month...and yet you showed me some new interesting stuff.
I love those quotes. Thanks for the encouragement.

Susanne said...

Love that: God moments. Thanks for sharing the God moments you have found in your week. I smiled at the phone one. My hubby totally hates the phone, but yes, God can even use that to bless us. LOL. Hope you have a refreshing weekend!

TXDidi said...

Oh my, your #1 and #5 sure spoke to me this week. I often find myself in similar situations. Thank goodness for patient husbands and kind service people. When I was putting together my mother's Medicaid application for the nursing home, it was a nightmare trying to get everything the way our state wanted it. Thank God that He occasionally linked me up with some helpful people during those many times I was on the phone with case workers.

Willow said...

Ah yes, God moments. I have to remember that this week! It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, God is in them. Thanks for writing reminders of this.

Have a good weekend!

Brenda said...

I have God-moments every day. Thats what I love about the God I serve, He is with me all the time and I feel him at work in my life.

Stephani Cochran said...

Wonderful fave five this week Lisa. I can relate to all of these in some ways. God keeps reminding me that "my" time isn't mine at all. I keep having to put things off because of the call to assist others. I get frustrated and then I'm reminded why I'm here to begin with. It's so easy to get selfish! Thanks for your insight.


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