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“Just to Be with You”—Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Then Sings My Soul Saturday What do you want?
   Just a little more time. 
   Just another chance.

What do you need?
Just to be with Him.

Want what you need.

Just to Be with You
Paul Baloche

Lord my life is an empty cup
Here's my heart, would You fill me up
I'm face to the ground, forsaking my pride
Leaving my will, my burdens behind

All I want, all I need
Is just to be with You, just to be with You
Here I am at Your feet
Just to be with You, just to be with You

I have come to the end of me
And there's nothing I have to bring
But You said I belong, You say I am yours
Nothing compares to knowing you more


You made a way for me
Oh Savior, I'm yours forevermore
Oh, You made a way for me
Oh Savior, I'm yours forevermore
I'm yours forevermore


Oh, all I want is just to be with You

* * *

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Sita said...

Hi Lisa,
Great song---but I realize the reality of emptying my 'cup'--my sufficiency--is a painfully continuous experience--for it's only when we come to the end of 'ouselves' for most of us, that we declare to God that we give up...and allow HIM...and then we know that "nothing compares to knowing Him"..thx for sharing..

Debbie Petras said...

"All I want is just to be with you ..."

These are wonderful lyrics and I couldn't agree more. I'm so thankful for His grace and mercy towards me. I love His open arms allowing me to be with Him because of Jesus.

What more can I say? Beautiful song that I never heard Lisa. Thank you for sharing it today.

Blessings and love,

Karen said...

Beautiful lyrics...and amen...nothing compares to knowing Him more...can't get enough....

Nel said...

What a wonderful song. I had never heard this before. All I want is just to be with You... This is what we should be striving for!
Thanks for sharing.
until next time... nel


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