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Spring—Corner View

This is how I see spring.
(For more spring views, visit Jane’s links.)

* A new puppy (coming soon…)

* Spring cleaning (also coming soon, I hope!)

* Allergies (leaving soon, I hope!)

puppy * pansies in full bloom

* flip-flops

* feisty fowl (the geese get very territorial / the ducks get very frisky)

* buttercups


* Easter reflections and celebrations

* forsythia (yellow bells) exploding

* cherry trees on the verge

* jelly beans and Cadbury creme eggs


What do you love about spring?


Debbie Petras said...

Oh I loved your thoughts on spring! I also enjoy this time of year. We don't have drastic changes in weather in Phoenix but it is lovely right now. The flowers are in bloom and it's cool enough to sit outside and be comfortable. I love that especially early in the morning with my cup of java.

Love you,

Stephani Cochran said...

I love being able to have the windows up! I'm hearing the birds and my neighbor's windchime as I type! I also love being able to sit out on the porch while it's not so cold and before it gets blistering hot!

PS. I'm praying for your mom.

Joyce said...

I think you are right on the money for spring. Did you say a new puppy?! How perfect for spring. What kind? I hope the allergies have already left.xo

Unknown said...

Great pictures to reflect spring!! I love every season, I could never live in Florida year round. :) I am a flower girl. The flowers that emerge from the ground this time of year always bring a smile to my face. :)

Lisa notes... said...

I forgot about opening the windows up--that is definitely another great thing about spring.

Joyce, I want another golden retriever or nothing. I got spoiled by our last one; the greatest dog ever.

Emily said...

Oh! I love this ode to spring! My favorite aspect, hmmm...that's hard! I think, warm cups of tea on cool mornings, singing birds, open windows, and the smell of blossoming flowers.

jane said...

you had me at new puppy:) happy spring lisa!

Ma life à moi said...

I wish you a Happy Easter celebration!

Bonnie said...

All these SPRING things are WONDERFUL !

Lisa Spence said...

My favorite Spring things? Much the same as yours. Having the windows open. Forsythia and daffodils. Sunshine. Being back out on my porch.

And Easter. Resurrection Day. Yes and amen.

Oh, and my spring cleaning needs to come and soon!

Cherry B said...

These are great! What's the story on the new pup? We absolutely adore ours, even though my hub was initially hesitant to get him :)

Lisa notes... said...

Got the new puppy today! She is totally adorable.


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