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Pockets of rest

Do you ever feel like rest is in short supply in your life?

I’ve been feeling that way. But in looking back over my week, I see several spots where I was unexpectedly given a shot of rest.

And I’m grateful.

bear at rest 1. Sunday afternoon
Last Sunday afternoon I sat toasty by the fire and purged lots and lots of old files. For me, that was relaxing. It felt good to fill up the trash can with stuff I didn’t want or need.

2. Waiting rooms
Typically not my fave places to hang out, but I’ve found myself in a few lately with my mom as we’re getting her caught up on appointments. And when she’s with me, my waiting room time hasn’t felt like I’m “wasting time,” so the waits have seemed a little more restful. 

3. Arby’s parking lotArby's beef n cheddar
I wasn’t sure I’d even have a chance to eat lunch on Wednesday, so when things went super fast at the Health Department (who could have known?) and the lawyer’s office, I actually had extra time.

So instead of eating the emergency-only snack bar in my purse, I had time for an Arby’s Beef ‘n Cheddar and a quick read in a book. Peaceful and tasty!

4. My bed
But by the end of Wednesday, I was emotionally and physically beat. So for about 3 hours late that afternoon, I lay on my bed and didn’t move except to flip through the tracks on my mp3. It was rest I definitely needed.

5. 6-7 a.m.
Yesterday morning (and several others this week) I stayed in bed and read a little in each of the books in my stack. And guilt-free, I might add. 

* * *

Can you say “ahhhh” with me?
When did you get a chance to rest this week?

28  “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls
30  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
     ~ Jesus                                                      (Matthew 11:28-30)


Dorothy said...

Yes! I'm feeling that lack of rest in my life lately too, Lisa. Thanks for asking. In fact, I feel like that bear in the picture you've posted quite a bit I just need to lean up against whatever is in my path at the moment and crash for a bit. For me, I think at least part of the answer is to BE like that bear...and you...just allow myself to take that rest wherever I can and not feel guilty about the things I'm not doing right then.

denise said...

We just got our shipment of too much stuff today and I am resting now, eating a Jiff PB & Blackberry J sandwich, reading my blog list and not looking at the mountain of books and things I need to put away. Good times.

Hazel said...

I ahhhed :) I got a chance to rest this week when my internet went off and I have no choice but to have an early night. I love your faves. Happy Friday!

Karyn said...

It is a wise person who can take advantage of short periods of rest during the day. Glad you got a chance for an actual 'naptime' at one point.

Thinking of you and your mom.

Unknown said...

Short rest periods often give me the burst of energy I need! Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

I'm so glad that you having been finding little places to just let your body rest and your mind and soul find peace and relaxation. I can relate to your #1 and I'm about to take on the same thing.

Youngest girl just got a job at Arby's. I haven't eaten there in a long, long, long time. I guess we'll be showing up there more now. LOL.

Karen said...

I look for those little "pockets" of rest, and like you have found them in unexpected places! Yesterday, I purposely left a half hour early to get my daughter from school. I took my book, sat in the car with the windows rolled down, and had a nice little rest;)

Carrie said...

Staying in bed and reading sounds great - and nothing to feel guilty about! I'm glad you were able to find moments of rest. And I LOVE that picture of the bear! =D

I hope you have a rest-filled weekend as well.

Jerralea said...

Good for you, that you found pockets of rest this week!

I adore Sunday afternoon naps. They seem to start my week off on a positive note.

And there's nowhere I love better to rest than "my bed." I definitely relate to you saying your bed was one of your faves!

LeAnn said...

I love how you added that it was guilt free reading! I love to read and so it is nice to get those times in, how nice. :)

ellen b said... glad you had moments of rest and refreshment! Have a great weekend...

Brenda said...

My bed is one of my favorite places. I look forward to laying there all day long. I also love to read in bed, but not in the morning, thats a night time activity for me.

That Arbys sandwich looks delicious too! I'm sure it was far better than a granola bar from your purse!

Unknown said...

Rest is such a good can be so renewing, refreshing and reviving. :) I needed more rest this past week, and I am trying to make up for it this weekend. :) Great post on the reminder and importance of rest. And you crack me up with the emergency snack bar in your purse. :)

nikkipolani said...

Oh, that exhausted bear image made me smile!

I like these little snatches of relaxing times for you. A great list for your busy schedule and tired bear.

Barbara H. said...

Beef and cheddar is my favorite Arby's sandwich!

I'm glad you had some good rest time.

Love the picture of the bear!


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