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Check these off—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story Time at home is scarce the past few months, so when I have it, I want to make the best use of it. After finishing Getting Things Done last week, I’m inspired to do even better. 

Here are 5 things I’m tickled I got done this week.

check_mark1. Ordered 150 photos Photo packageI used to scrapbook. Now I do well to even take pictures. But Sunday night I ordered 150 prints from the past year. Maybe this summer I’ll even get them in an album?

check_mark2. Finished 10th grade lesson plans completed workBy skipping Spring Break (which is somewhat painful), we have only two weeks of school left. Yippee!!! (Well, except for Algebra 2—I’m a stickler for finishing every book—so math will go a little longer. And Bible Reading/Memory never really stops.)

check_mark3. Got new glasses tweaked
I wasn’t prepared. Three weeks ago, I didn’t know what a big deal it was to say, “Sure—I’d like progressive lenses.” new glassesI took them back Wednesday. But they tweaked them somehow and talked me into trying them one more week. They are better, so I’ll see (no pun intended) what I think by next week.

check_mark4. Signed tax forms   
Taxes I’m an ex-accountant, so I feel obligated to do my own taxes each year. But 2009 was full of enough unusual financial issues that I convinced Jeff to take our taxes elsewhere this year. All I did was gather the stuff and hand it over. And Thursday I signed. Who knew it could be so easy? Such a blessing!

check_mark5. Filled out NCAA Tournament Bracket NCAA BracketIt’s a minor thing, but it’s a fun thing. Jeff, Jenna, and I compete each year for the best picks. It takes March Madness to a higher level around here. Wasn’t it smart of Jeff to start this family tradition years ago? Now he can watch basketball as much as he wants under the guise of family togetherness. Let’s all say: Go, Kentucky!

* * *

check_markWhat have you checked off this week?

More importantly, who did you pick to win the NCAA Tournament?

Leave a comment below, and visit with other friends counting their blessings every Friday at Susanne’s blog.


Karen said...

Hey, I have about 18yrs of photos I need to scrapbook. Maybe we need to make a scrappin' date. (Of course, many of those photos are on CDs and hard drives... but I have a bunch of "hard copies" as well.)

Brian has progressives. They were hard to get used to. Even worse for him is that any maladjustment of position on his face, and he will get headaches and not be able to see well. I am just now noticing a slight difficulty in my reading vision. A pair of 1.5 magnifiers from WalMart help that.

I think we are just about ready to sign tax forms. Brian worked on them last night. Thank goodness we bought the house this year or we would have a huge bill.

I've never done one of those bracket thingees (didn't grow up in a sports-interested family). How does it work?

About all I've checked off this week is laundry.

Unknown said...

Wow! Good Job! What have I checked off? Nothing yet...but I did make a list last night and yesterday at I am getting there!

Marg said...

Way to Go!! I love your check list. Very creative. Glasses and comes eventually and they are the greatest.
Happy to see you results for the NCAA! That's such good ball. I'm a Dukes Fan!

Carrie said...

I love your check marks there on the sideline. That's really cool looking. =D

Congrats on getting all of that accomplished! We should be wrapping up our taxes tonight and then we can put OUR check mark in that box! Awesome! =)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - after all that work!

ellen b said...

I'm still sticking with the line in my glasses :0)
My husband has the progressive.
We signed and mailed off our taxes too. It's always such a good feeling to get those done. Now I hope we don't get an I.O.U. :0)
Good job getting all that work done! Enjoy the weekend.

Barbara H. said...

I love this format with the check marks!

I need to work on photos, too.

How fun to have only two weeks rather than two months of school left!

I'm going to need bifocals next time I go in -- I am wondering about the progressive lenses.

Lisa notes... said...

I bet we could round up quite a group to scrapbook someday. And I’m thinking Wal-Mart would have been a much, much cheaper route for my glasses than this money pit I find myself in with these glasses. Jump in and print yourself a bracket, girlfriend! Pick your teams like Jenna does—interesting names or funny mascots or letter of the alphabet. Ha.

Make your list easy since the weekend is coming up. :-)

I’m a Coach K fan, too. Don’t know how far they’ll get this year. I’ve got them in my Final 4 though.

Glad you’ve about got your taxes done, too. Such a good feeling, huh? And it’s only March!

Ellen B,
I’ve never had the line in my glasses, but I’m wondering if it would have been a whole lot easier than this hide-n-seek game I’m playing with finding the sweet spot on mine.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend. We have warm weather here and I’m so thankful!

Lisa notes... said...

Barbara H,
Just make sure they talk to you about the lenses before you decide. They told me Wednesday that you have to point your nose to whatever you want to look at. Gone are the easy days with just turning my EYES instead of my head. ha.

Jerralea said...

I love checklists!

My daughter picked Kansas to win NCAA (I heard her say that.) I don't even know who's playing, but I'm sure over the next few days, the TV will be on and telling me all about it!

Susanne said...

Hope they can get those progressive lenses tweaked properly for you. I love mine.

I haven't hard copy pictures for so long. I love the hard copy but have gotten so behind in putting anything into photo albums. I can't even imagine scrapbooking with all the work that takes. Good on you girls who do that.

Faith said...

enjoyed reading your list! and thanks for your nice comments about my hair! :)
I am rooting for Siena but won't watch the cable tv and too busy but we happen to live in the same town as Siena College so....
and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my progressive bifocal lines for me, please! :) good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up with filling out your bracket, and of course it is in the name of family togethertherness. That is so something my hubs would say! My son filled his out yesterday.....I don't watch a lot of college hoops, but always watch the Final Four!
I need to order a bunch of pics from Snapfish too! :)

Hazel said...

How great to see all those checks. It's what I would feel about getting things done. March is also the month we sort out are taxes here. No. 5 is like 2-in-1: you husband watches basketball all he wants and family togetherness. Fun indeed :)

elizabeth said...

Ask Lisa how she did those check mark things on her blog post..check!

Lisa notes... said...

I love it. :-) The check marks are just a picture I downloaded from Google Images.

Brenda said...

Signed tax forms are a wonderful thing! And so are lesson plans done. Sounds like a good week.

Karen said...

Lisa, I'm afraid I need even more directions about "brackets." I really am clueless. Never done any kind of fantasy sports or followed any teams.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Lisa, I'm with you on ordering those pictures. That's the way I do it -- order about a year's worth at once and hope to get them put into something.

Oh, the brackets were a highlight of my week, too. At the top of mine, I wrote, "Go, Big Blue" "Wildcats" and "UK all the way!" You can tell who I chose to win the big dance. Fun things to do with my sons.

Robin said...

Way to cross things off your to do list. I enjoyed your take on FFF.

Have a great weekend.

p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog

Jientje said...

I have made a scrapbook for my husband's birthday - which was January 15th) but I really need to put in some more pictures of our recent activities together. I keep telling myself I will, but don't get around to! I'll have to put it on a list and check it off as you have done!
I enjoyed reading your FFF, have a great weekend, Lisa!

Lisa notes... said...

I've got you covered. Here is the link for printable brackets:

It will already have winners listed for games played, so hey, you're starting off above average! (I've already lost quite a few.)

Then go here for updates:

After the whole tournament is over, we'll tally our wins (we have our own method of doing that; we can discuss that later).


Unknown said...

Wow, 21 comments! Who knew the world of blogs and the world of basketballs intersected so well. I ain't have time to read all of that, but let me put another notch on the ticker.

I filled out a bracket a few years ago where I studied and made very deliberate decisions, and I did horribly. Then it occurred to me that although I played 3 years in high school I really don't know basketball as well as I do football (which I only played one year in the midget league in elementary school, hmmm, I wonder if they still call it that, doubt it). So I have filled my brackets since then just by who I liked or didn't like based on area of the country or some factor about the school that appealed to me. e.g., Any school in or near Houston always goes down in the first round. Kansas State makes it at least to the final 4 if not all the way since I went there a little while albeit online. Georgetown tends to fare well in my brackets too because they have such an awesome logo.

Lisa notes... said...

Ooh, your daughter's brackets just got messed up since Kansas lost. And mine took a serious dent as well! Glad it really doesn't matter. :-)

Your approach sounds similar to Jenna's, and it hasn't hurt her outcomes either.

Deanna said...

Lots of bball here too. Matt allows himself to watch more sports now that Z is into it and it is father/son quality time. lol He was teaching Z (8 yrs old) all about filling out those brackets on Thurs morning and went out the door calling to him "you can nag your mom about watching basketball starts at 11am". The joy of living with boys!


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