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There is a love…

Dear God,

Tonight, we’ll gather to celebrate my earthly daddy.

We’ll sing songs about You that Daddy loved to lead back in his day. We’ll listen to stories about how he cared for those who didn’t feel cared for. We’ll bow our heads collectively, thanking You for the love You inspired in him.

And I’ll miss him. And I’ll cry. And I’ll squeeze the hands of family and friends beside me who will miss him, too.

But, Father, as much as Lane, Sandy, Elisabeth, and I will miss him as our daddy, You know there is a woman still down here 25th Wedding Anniversarywho is going to miss him as her husband far more.

He was her soul mate from the time she was 15 years old, a mere baby. He’s all she’s known for 55 married years.

Even last week, when he was gasping for breath, and in and out of coherence, she would lay down beside him for hours in his bed.

And reach out her hand for his. And he would squeeze it.

She would give him a kiss, and in one of life’s more ironic moments, she would say, “Do you still remember me? I’m Jamie, your wife. I’m the one that’s given you lots of kisses.” And he would try to kiss her back.

He always remembered.

And we would all cry at this love that runs deeper than cancer. Deeper than Alzheimer’s.

So, please, Abba, give her Your special grace in a measure she can understand. Wrap Your arms around her through us, through others, to help her live with this hurt in her heart that she thinks will never heal.

And tonight when we sing “When We All Get to Heaven,” remember that Mama especially wants to get there so she can be with her sweetie again.

There is a love that knows no bounds between life and death, heaven and earth. Thank You for placing that love between my daddy and my mama. It’s an obvious love.

And we give the glory to You for it.

I love You,
Your daughter,

When We All Get to Heaven


Stephani Cochran said...

Thanks for sharing this Lisa. It opens up the window to a thousand more prayers coming your way. I'll be praying for your family, and especially your mother. Grace and Peace.

elizabeth said...

Praying for you and your mama and family for very evident supernatural comfort of the Holy, so, glad that this life isn't the end.

Lisa Spence said...

What a day of rejoicing, indeed. May you know His peace and comfort.

Dorothy said...

Praying for His comfort for all of you but especially for your Dad's sweetheart.

Young Wife said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm so glad that he's in heaven.

Peggy said...

Blessings Lisa...I sensed that I had missed something over here and now to find out what...
My deepest sympathies for your great loss of your dad but rejoicing along with you that he's now at home with His Heavenly Father and what a beautiful legacy he has left in you. Your words here are so very beautiful and touching! Hard to hold back tears. Praying for your precious mother, you & family as you grieve. May you hold on to the Comforter and may He hold you & yours!

Not only is this a wonderful letter to Our Heavenly Father but a tribute to your mom & dad.
I'm so glad that you have great memories and songs to lift you up and look forward with HOPE!

Prayers, love and hugs,

Life! said...

What a picture of tender and romantic and life-long love between your parents - infinitely better than some of the corny Valentine pictures.
I add my prayers to your for your Mama - and for you. "Love is stronger than death"

Mama Manuscripts said...

Oh my, I'm reading this now and it is just so moving to me that I am in tears. My Mum passed away from cancer 17 years ago. There's a strong history of Alzheimer's in my family and the image of your Mum laying in bed with you father...

I know that this s a past post but you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers....

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Katrina. I appreciate your prayers now too. It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since my dad died, and 6 months since my mom died. So I can’t imagine 17 years having gone by…
Praying for the string of Alzheimer’s to be broken in your family…


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