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I’m sorry…

I knew something was wrong that Saturday night…

…when he flipped over to the other side of the bed, his side, and said, “Good night.” So I picked at it. Things got worse before they got better. Words were swapped. angry in bed

And I got mad.

And I wouldn’t extend even a toe to the other side of the bed.

It wasn’t how this day was meant to end. 

So measly apologies were made, enough to allow for sleep.

And we tacked on a few more kind words Sunday morning.

But the real repentance wasn’t felt until church time. We were visiting 4th Avenue. They offered their elders up front for prayer. We accepted. Gary and his wife (strangers, yet family) wrapped their arms around us and prayed for our marriage. To keep it strong, despite a hard season.

It was in that quiet prayer that the Spirit convicted me the most.
And the blood washed over me. Again. 
And the resurrection strengthened me, infusing me with his power.

I was sorry.
And I could rejoice.

* * *

Today begins a season of deeper reflection.
Ash Wednesday.

Remembering that it is my dusty, dirty sins of pride and stubbornness and self-centeredness that brought Jesus down.

And remembering the light of forgiveness that I bathe in every day. 
The light of Jesus.

Remember to repent.
Remember to rejoice.

* * *Walk with Him Wednesday @ Holy Experience

May you also remember today, and rejoice in His brilliance and grace.
Join the community at Ann’s blog for more reflections on “Sinners Repenting.”

My walks with Him


Shari said...

I can so relate to the "toe" issue. Not hard to do in a king size bed I might add. Thanks for sharing.

Esther said...

very applicable...without him my feet would never get warm at night, still so hard to push past that pride. Warm toes that's worth a little rejoicing right there :)

Monica Sharman said...

Interesting how reflecting on repentance often brings marriage to mind. It's part of the growing in love!

Jessica said...

Needed these words.

Becky@ Daily On My Way To Heaven said...

Thank you for your kind words...I pray His character be manifested in our lives...daily!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Just last night!


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