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5 favorites of Alzheimer’s (Really?)—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story I’m going to experiment here. Can I possibly think of five GOOD things about Alzheimer’s from my week?

My first thought? Impossible! It’s a horrible disease and I hate it.

But for Friday’s Fave Five, I look for silver linings.
So here goes:

1. It eliminates bad memories
I don’t think my mom is recalling this week any specific hard things about my dad’s dying process that I keep recalling. That’s a blessing for her.

2. It brings out good in people
I love watching how gentle and compassionate Mama’s friends are to her. key lime_pie
This week I’ve seen her “sister” Mrs. Davis bring her a special key lime pie, and her neighbor Kathy stand outside in the cold to listen to her cry, and long-time friend Mrs. Chaney promise me at Kroger that she would take very good care of Mama if we’d let her take her to breakfast some morning.

3. It teaches me humility
I know this could happen to me, too. Or you. We can’t know. No one is too smart or too healthy to escape it. And how would I want someone to treat me if, for instance, I had to keep getting assurance that today is actually Friday?

4. It introduces me to new people
As much as I hated to have to, my brother and I met with Mary Lou, the executive director of our local Alzheimer’s Association on Tuesday. She gave us some great information and helped us think through some options ahead. I’d rather not need her, but I’m thankful that she’s there because I do.

5. It reminds me of God’s sovereignty
My cousin-in-law Julie brought us a huge stack of Alzheimer’s books yesterday that were her mother’s. Alzheimer's books Julie’s dad died with Alzheimer’s on Thanksgiving, 2007.

When Julie married into our family, we loved her from the get-go because of her incredible personality. But God knew we would also need Julie’s experiences in dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s. I’m thankful God always has the bigger picture in mind.

* * *

Whew. So there’s my five.

For the record, I still hate Alzheimer’s. But even in the midst of it, I know God is still loving, caring, working. That will be enough for me.

What are some of your favorite things from this week?
Add a comment below and visit Susanne’s blog to read more.


Dorothy said...

Thanks for the reminder of God's sovereignty and that there always are blessings for His own, even in the hard things.

Still lifting you up, Lisa.

Unknown said...

what a tough topic! But I love how you are seeking some positives from it! Take Care

Islandsparrow said...

You have done well to find the silver lining in these very dark clouds. I'm lifting you and your mom up to the Lord right now.

Joy said...

Wow ... I just popped over to say hi and ended up reading such a powerful Fave Five that brought tears to my eyes. I've never walked the road you are on. My prayer is that if I'm on that journey one day, that I will be able to find the blessings in such a difficult time. Know that you are touching lives through this post!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Wow Lisa that was awesome how you came up with those! Your comment about it bringing out the best in people is so true and so endearing. What special friends your mom has. Praying for you and all that is going on in your life.

Hazel said...

What an amazing job you did of finding what's good about even something terrible like Alzheimer's. I'm with you on the humility part. Disease is no respecter of anyone. What a blessing it turns out for your Mom - not recalling your Dad's dying process. I think that's something I'd be very thankful for if, God forbid, something similar happened to any of my loved ones.

A successful experiment this was.

Carrie said...

This is a positively (no pun intended, honestly) amazing list! What a blessing from your cousin-in-law! What a great friend who would promise so sweetly to take care of your mother if you'd allow her to take her to breakfast! What a great pie! =D So many little blessings scattered in. Amazing, amazing, amazing....

Barbara H. said...

What a wonderful list, Lisa. A couple of other friends whose parents have Alzheimer's have mentioned #1. My MIL doesn't have Alzheimer's but does have some degree of dementia, and it does actually help in some of the major adjustments she has had to make moving 2,000 miles to live near us and moving into an assisted living facility. She's had sad moments but they haven't lasted very long. It has touched my heart as well to see people stop and speak to her or hold a door for her, etc. Sometimes I have wondered why God doesn't take some dear older saints with Alzheimer's home instead of letting them suffer with it, but one friend who took care of her MIL for years pointed out that He works on us through them.

Anastasia Macdonald said...

Hi Lisa,
Your honesty and vulnerability is so refreshing everytime... :)

TXDidi said...

A very wise post. And those are definitely positives that you can take from a rotten disease. Your mother is blessed to have you as a daughter.

Melissa said...

It's such a blessing to be able to find the silver lining in rough situations. And knowing that God is still loving, caring, working is a tremendous blessing, isn't it?

Susanne said...

Lisa, this was a really good and courageous post! I love how even in the midst of something so hard you found some good things. And recognizing God working and reminding us of that in this post is really encouraging to all of us who might be going through something. Thank you.

Francesca said...

Sending warm thoughts your way, Lisa. I admire you for finding some good in a difficult situation.

Karyn said...

"In EVERYTHING give thanks" have fulfilled this scriptures beautifully, and inspired me to be more thankful in the midst of difficulties.

God bless you...AND your mom.

Julie said...

I cried a little bit when I read your post tonight. It is not easy to find the good in Alzheimer's but one thing we ALWAYS found was God's goodness in the midst of my daddy's sickness.
I love, love, love being part of your family and know that I'm blessed to be loved by all of

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks to all of you for your sweet words of encouragement and for your prayers. They matter to me.

You continue to be an inspiration to me for faith and hope, despite difficult circumstances. I'm glad that your story has become part of our story...

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

This was an awesome Fave Five, Lisa. What a blessing for you to be able to talk about the silver linings and most of all, to know His provision for you no matter what.

This was great encouragement for me! Blessings on you, Lisa.

Mocha with Linda said...

This caught my eye when I visited for your TSMSS. Love it.


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