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Odds and Ends—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five @ Living to Tell the Story Another unusual week for me. Many highs, many lows.

But as always, the blessings outweighed the burdens because of special touches of the Spirit through odds and ends here and there. These are only five of dozens.

For more favorites from others, visit Susanne’s blog.

1. Steak-Out
A long-time family friend gave Steak-Out gift certificates to my dad this week for all of us to use when we’re together. So we did. Yum.

2. Singing about heaven
I almost didn’t stay the extra hour at church on Wednesday night, but I’m glad I decided to. My church loves to sing praises, and we rocked the house singing about the home that Jesus’ resurrection bought us. It touched my spirit in a special way and renewed my confidence in places I needed it.

3. Stephanie’s prayer
My well-planned day today didn’t happen. Instead, it was pre-empted early on while I was in intricately-scheduled meetings with moms on my homeschool team. They were exceptionally gracious. And in the end, it all turned out fine, despite my early departure. Stephanie really helped by praying with me before I left. It boosted me to do what I had to go do.

4. Chocolate kisses and bottled water
Little things, but important things. The lawyer’s office yesterday had a nice spread of cookies and candy and water. I know we’re paying for them in one sense, but it’s still a sweet touch to have them available “free” in the waiting room to ease whatever you’re at a lawyer for. They always make me feel better anyway.

5. A night at home
That’s tonight! I’m excited. I’m going to indulge by allowing myself to start a new book even though I haven’t finished my old ones yet. The biggest decision of the night will be deciding which one to choose. That’s the kind of decision I’m happy to make.

I pray your week was filled with beautiful odds and ends, too!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love starting new books and free candy too...sounds like a wonderful week to me.

Marg said...

I always have books on the go...I'll finish them some day...
It's amazing the power one gets when we can pray for each other.
Enjoy your night at home.

annies home said...

if that was the only decision I had to make that would be great and I know how singing praise songs can lift ones spirits

Hazel said...

These are good faves. The cookies, etc at the lawyer's office reminds me of a friendly dentist (private practice) when I was about 6 who gave me bread and cheese while I was waiting for my turn to have my tooth pulled. Now 30+ years later I still wonder about him especially when I'm home and passes by his clinic :) Starting a new book is a lot of fun.

ellen b said...

I love singing about heaven!! Have a great weekend...

Brenda said...

I don't know what steak out is, but it sounds yummy. I never realized this until I read your post, but I kind of have a rule not to finish a new book until I finish an old one. . . its funny how we are that way.

Sis said...

What a sweet blog...

Barbara H. said...

Food coupons are always a blessing!

I'm ashamed to admit I don't think about heaven all that much, but what a blessing to just contemplate it in song for a while.

So glad you had the opportunity to fellowship in prayer before going out to do what you had to do.

That's neat of that lawyer's office to have those kinds of things out.

Staying home with a good book is a definite favorite.

Susanne said...

I like those kinds of decisions too. So are you going to let us know which book you chose?

I love how you were blessed staying later for church.

Lisa notes... said...

Susanne, I decided on "Getting Things Done." I thought I needed that one as I stayed up to do nothing but read. :-)

nikkipolani said...

Ooh, steaks sound terrific.
Singing sounds terrific, too :-)
I'm glad your schedule adjusted so well.
Hope you enjoyed your quiet evening at home!


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