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Books—Corner View

O book, O book, where do you sit?
Your destiny, your time,
Is determined by your place.

Much loved and handled ones, I delighted in you with my baby girls. Wait safe in the glass bookcase in the den for adult hands and more children’s eyes. You’re still special to me.


Brain extenders
Your time is limited. Where will you find yourselves when the homeschool adventure ends in 2½ years? Let’s decide that later. For now, breathe deep in your overcrowded bookcases in the office. homeschool_reference

You sweat it out on the the top bedroom shelf. You’re my workhorses. “Doing” books. Daily books. Over and over. Bibles. Prayer books. Journals. top_shelf

The line-up
Do you feel forgotten, my friends on the bottom shelf? You’re not, even though I’ve made you no commitments yet. I promise your time will eventually arrive. in_line

This is it
If you’re within an arm’s length of sleep, you’re playing with the big boys. Take off your dust jacket and get comfortable. You’re in my face. Let’s talk.tonight_books

* * *

Where do your books live?
And what does that mean?
Visit through Jane’s links for an everyday, international tour of BOOKS.


Joyce said...

We have books on the shelves, on the coffee table, and in our nightstands so I always have a book within reach. Nice collection of books you have. xo

Bonnie said...

What a fun post ! Your house seems a lot like mine ... books books books everywhere !! I love it !!

Anonymous said...

oh the pop-ups! how could i forget the pop-ups! what joy books bring us.

jane said...

i have books every where too. it´s kind of comforting in a way, don´t you think? warm hugs!


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