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My favorite memes and leaders (Nov 30 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 30 at 'Rebecca Writes' MEME:
(only one definition among many)
[rhymes with dream]

A weekly (or daily or monthly) question or topic hosted by one blogger that other bloggers link to, with answers in their own blog posts

How fun memes are! But blog memes don’t happen without people willing to lead them.

1. Rebecca — “November of Thanks
Rebecca of Rebecca Writes has been the gracious host all month of “November of Thanks.” She visited each participant every day to capture a summary of their thanksgivings, then posted and linked them all on her own blog.

Thanks, Rebecca! That was a lot of work, and I’ve been thankful for YOU all November.

On this last day of “November of Thanks,” I thank not only Rebecca, but the weekly meme leaders in my section of bloggy world. You’re all wonderful!

2. Joanne — Memory Monday
Joanne  of The Simple Wife encourages us to keep God’s Word in our heart through memorization. She’s also enthusiastically hosting the book group for Spiritual Mothering.

3. Jane — Corner View
Jane of Spain Daily hosts a weekly look at the wide varieties (and similarities) in all the corners around the world. This international peek into each other’s lives is both illuminating and entertaining.

4. Kathy — Wondrous Words Wednesday
Kathy of Bermudaonion works on our brains by increasing our vocabulary. She lets us share new words with each other that we come across in our individual reading.

5. Ann — Walk with Him Wednesdays
Ann of Holy Experience goes quietly and deeply into spiritual disciplines, and invites her community to post a spiritual practice each week that draws us nearer to the heart of Jesus.

6. Susanne — Friday’s Fave Five
Susanne at Living to Tell the Story has been hosting this weekly meme for over a year. She asks you to list five favorite things you’ve experienced each week, and share them with others.

7. Amy — Then Sings My Soul Saturdays
Amy at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders expands the big world of worshiping God through music by inviting her readers to share their favorite songs of praise.

of Beauty for Ashes isn’t hosting a weekly meme, but she is sharing her book study on-line (and real-life in her town) on Charity and Its Fruits by Jonathan Edwards. She is thorough and sticks to the Word, and I always learn much from her notes and her faith.

I met Laurie through Reading Classics Together book groups at Tim Challies helps us get through some tough classics of the faith by committing to read them together one chapter at a time. We’re currently working our way through Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray.

* * *

Thanks to each of you who hosts for consistently giving your time and opening up your blogs to let us hang out each week. I’ve met wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ through our visits, and I look forward to our continued walks together as we grow in faith in our God.


Laurie M. said...

As always, Lisa, you are very kind. Thanks. And thanks for your enthusiastic involvement. Iron sharpens iron. I'm inspired by your poignant brevity.

Lisa Hellier said...

I have enjoyed getting to know you as well through Rebecca's meme. You're in my reader now so I look forward to continuing to know you as a sister in Christ.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the list, Lisa. I'm going to be more organized with my blogging next semester. I've just been trying to figure things out this fall. Over the break I'm gonna pull in the rest of my facebook notes, just to have them backed up. Then I'm gonna start doing a few topics by days like this. (I had never heard them called meme's before.) Monday is gonna be Manic Mondays to start the week off with something positive. That's the only alliteration I've come up with. Tuesday will be some political rambling but I'm gonna try to keep it positive and solution-oriented. I picked Tuesday since that's usually the day elections fall on. Thursday will be something health or fitness related, since many people start new habits on Mondays, so they have all weekend to research what I've said and see if it would work for them. Friday would be some tech issues (a follow-up to the IT posts I've had to do for class this semester). The other days will be open to whatever comes up. I may set Wednesdays to things helpful in college success. Oh, and I had an idea to do some product posts, just neat stuff I've ran into that seems useful. Well, that would be 6 days if I did them all... We'll see. I'm still thinking it thru. I do like how well your posts are organized.


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