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Book Swapping (Nov 7 – Thanks)

November of Thanks7 at 'Rebecca Writes' When my daughters were small, we read many books together. Dr. Seuss, A. A. Milne, Beatrix Potter.

As they aged, we moved up to The Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, The Watsons Go to Birmingham.

But now we’ve entered a new phase. We don’t read together as much, but we still read some of the same books.

And it’s no longer just me reading their books, but they now want to read some of my books. The lines have blurred.

It’s a neat place to be in.

I’m currently reading Just Do Something. I think Morgan will love it so I’ll pass it along to her when I’m finished. Jenna is reading Sacred Pathways and I claim it next.

When Morgan left for college, I bought two copies of John Maxwell’s 25 Ways to Win with People. We kept one copy here for us to read, and sent one copy to Auburn for Morgan to read, including our weekly reading schedule so we’d all stay on the same page. 

Another sign of growing up—this book swapping. It’s good for them. It’s good for me. I am thankful. 


Lisa Hellier said...

This has happened occasionally with my sons. But probably not as much right now due to their ages and interests. I hope tho' that as they grow in theology, they'll come to love some of my favorites too.

Young Wife said...

What a neat mother-daughter experience!

Kay said...

That's funny. Just this week Mackenzie came across a Francine Rivers book I had just started reading called 'Unveiled' about the life of Tamar. She read a chapter of it and then asked if she could steal it from me and read it. First time that's happened. It is kinda neat when they get to that point that they are interested in what YOU like! :)


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