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Be accepting (Ch 9 – “Spiritual Mothering”)

Read-Chat-Live _ Spiritual Mothering How approachable are you? Do others find you easy to turn to, or would they prefer you be the last one to hear of their problems?

Chapter 9 of Spiritual Mothering is entitled “The Power of Acceptance.” If you are going to help another, you must not be offensive to others nor be too “perfect” for others. Either extreme is a turn-off and does not send out the crucial message of “I accept you where you are.”

Author Susan Hunt imaginatively uses the Biblical example of Dorcas (Tabitha, Acts 9:36-42) to show traits of a woman who is accepting. When Dorcas died, her friends were so distraught that they sent for Peter to “Come at once!

The widows stood around her, mourning the intense loss of this woman who had helped the poor and sewn clothes for the needy. Peter prayed and brought her back to life.

Why would the widows of Lydda be so upset at the death of their friend? Hunt suggests it was because her ministry of caring met real needs of real people in a way that was gracious and accepting, not judgmental or harsh.

Hunt continues on to relay examples of how modern-day daughters of Dorcas can show acceptance to others.

  • Enthusiastically get to know a newcomer in the congregation and plug her into ways she can use her gifts
  • Write notes of appreciation to women of all ages
  • Ask the newly widowed or divorced to sit with you in church and then invite her to lunch
  • Jot down the names of visitors you meet so you can later introduce them to others by name
  • Send notes of encouragement to the pastor and elders’ families
  • Gently counsel younger women to love their husbands in practical ways
  • Keep a notebook of prayer requests of others
  • Be accepting of young people who dress differently

What source do you draw upon to be this accepting? Your own acceptance in Christ.

When you are confident in approaching God yourself, you convey a confidence to others to approach you because of your acceptance of them.

Dorcas must have shown this. And because her death brought such sorrow, her resurrection must have brought even greater delight. God was glorified through this woman’s life and loving acceptance of others.

Dorcas did it then; can you do it now?

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Debbie Petras said...

Dorcas set a great example for us today. Lisa, I love how you detailed examples of ways we might consider showing acceptance to others.s

Great timing for me.


Lisa Hellier said...

I am a fan of Susan Hunt, having personally benefited from her writing more than once. This book I have not read. I am writing it down for my summer reading. Thanks for your discussion.


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