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Fall - Friday’s fave five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the StoryFall is definitely in the air this week. These are some of my favorite things about this gorgeous season.

1. Sweats
Summer wear: shorts and bare feet. Winter wear: sweatpants and tennis shoes. I put on my favorite pair of sweatpants yesterday for the first time since last winter. They’re baggy and comfortable, but no holes. Yet. So I’m happy.

2. Football
I like the atmosphere on Saturdays when my teams are going to be on TV. I don’t necessarily watch them closely, but it’s fun to have them on. It also helps that my husband is patient about answering the questions I always ask, and isn’t obsessive about watching every play himself. open_window

3. Lower electrical bills 
Open windows. No A/C. No heat. My electricity bill takes a dive at the beginning of fall. I like that.

4. Cotton
The cotton fields start looking like snow at this time of year. When I was a child, there were many, many more cotton fields than there are today; I miss them. So I try to appreciate the ones that are left while we still have them.

5. Sunflowers 
My sunflowers finally bloom in late September, early October. It takes them all summer to grow tall. As they get heavy with blooms, they bow so low that they almost block the garage and I can hardly get my car in. But they certainly are beautiful. The bumblebees think so, too.

my sunflowers

* * *

I’m thankful that God changes the seasons for us at all the right times. His variety in all of creation, including the weather, is a vivid display of his glory.

For more favorites, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.


Jenna's Scribbles said...

Gorgeous sunflowers!

Islandsparrow said...

I've never seen a cotton field - that would be an experience!

Lovely sunflowers - I have some shots of them this week too. They are so cheery with their bright yellow - especially against a brilliant blue autumn sky.

Happy weekend!


Carrie said...

I'm with you on everything but the football. ;D But sweats and sunflowers! Oh yes!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Susanne said...

I loved every one of your faves for this week! Unfortunately hubby is not a sports fan so I only sneak in an occasional game.

The cotton fields must be something else to see. We have nothing like that around here in Southern Alberta though we have lots of other crops.

nikkipolani said...

Lots of happy fall things to be grateful for here and ending with a glorious sunflower collage! Just as you are enjoying your lower electrical bills, we are enjoying (slightly) lower water bill when the days shorten and weather cools.

Anonymous said...

What a great week you had. Sweats what are those? LOL. I'm glad they have no holes. Love the vision I have of the cotton fields and your Sunflowers are just beautiful. I'm so glad football is here. I love it. Have a great weekend my friend :)

ellen b said...

Oh I do love me some sweat bottoms weather!! I love how God changes the seasons for us and all of his amazing creation for us to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your team wins on Saturday unless they are playing my team LOL!!

Jewel said...

I love sweats, football, and sunflowers! The pictures are beautiful!

Marg said...

I love those sunflowers. It looks like we're all starting to enjoy the change of seasons.
Badly needed for me. I love fall.

Hazel said...

That's a beautiful window view; looks like it comes off an illustrated storybook. I say it's true about electrical bills. There are several ways to lower them. Sense like you did your windows and fresh air from outside sounds like a good thing, isn't it? I'm very glad you mentioned sunflowers. Yours are lovely. I'm reminded that my friend and I have been wanting to go to a town an hour from Bangkok to visit a sunflower field, and blooming begins in September.

Thanks for you kind comment on my FFF.

Brenda said...

Fall clothes are just so comfortable. We are not quite there yet. I love your sunflowers!

elizabeth said...

The sunflowers are gorgeous! And your cotton field mention brought a tickle of a memory of when I was younger. My great-aunt and great-uncle had a farm and there was miles and miles (at least it seemed that way at the time) of cotton and I remember him showing me how to squeeze the little ends and it sort of poofed out. Thank you for helping me to find that memory!

Kari said...

Your sunflowers are beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.
And I would love to see cotton fields too, it must be beautiful.

Barbara H. said...

I love this time of year, too, with lower electric bills and neither AC or heat needed some days.

I grew up in southern TX and saw lots of cotton fields then -- I don't think I have seen any since.

I'd love to plant some sunflowers for next year -- they're such happy flowers.


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