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“Elephant Run” – Book review

Occasionally I still delve into children’s literature to preview a book for my  daughter. Elephant Run by Roland Smith

Or to read a book she has previewed for me. This is one of those books. Actually all the members of our household have fallen in love with the writings of Roland Smith this past year. Although intended for young people, they equally hold my interest and teach me new things.

Elephant Run is set in Burma during World War 2. It follows the life of 14-yr-old Nick Freestone as he moves from England to avoid the bombings there, only to be trapped in further danger in Burma.

Along with an interesting plot line, you’ll also pick up some great vocabulary of the region and some interesting trivia about elephants. What you will NOT pick up is unnecessary violence, bad language, or sexual content. This is a book you can pass around your whole family. It’s now made it through ours.

It has been listed as a 2009 ALA Best Books for Young Adults. For those interested in teaching it, this book, along with many of Roland Smith’s books, comes complete with curriculum ideas free on-line.

1 comment:

Jewel said...

You know what.. I bet I would like that book alot! I'll have to put it on my "to read" list!


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