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This I pray...

Two years ago, Allen gave us a 3-sentence prayer in a series of sermons he entitled “3 Prayers to Last a Lifetime.”

   You, I adore.

Lord, have mercy.  

Into Your hands.

I found it to be powerful then. I find it to be powerful now.

I offer it anew this day, intermingling personal thoughts, lifting it from my own heart to the Father’s.

* * *

You, I adore     Yahweh, there is none like You.
     When all the earth’s pleasures are swept away,
          yet You remain,
                  You are enough.

                              Holy!           Worthy!           Glorious!

Lord, have mercy     I fear.    So I cry out.  And You en-courage.
     I need.  So I ask.           And You supply.
     I sin.      So I sorrow.   And You forgive.

Into Your hands     Here, I long to stay.

     In the blessed name of Jesus,
     May it always be so. Amen.

* * *


Anonymous said...

very good...

Unknown said...

Oh...lovely. Amen, amen!

Catherine :)

Shayla said...


I am copying this and saving it to my computer. Thank you so much for sharing that prayer with us. What amazing words to meditate on!!!! and I LOVED that you said Yahweh :) that makes my soul smile!!!

Laura said...

How absolutely beautiful, Lisa. I'm so glad I stopped by. These three simple lines could rescue me in a heartbeat.

I'm whispering them now...

Deanna said...

Yes very powerful! Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer @ said...

Oh, the power in those nine words.

So, so glad I stopped by.(I saw your link at Ann's.)

You ministered to my heart today.

Sarah said...

Beautiful, simply power wrapped in a few syllables.

May you be drenched in his love today,
Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

Did you take all these beautiful photographs? I seem to remember seeing that rainbow somewhere else. If you have borrowed the images of others, would you mind linking to the photographer? I'm sure they'd welcome the credit! Thank you so much.

mariel said...

what beautiful pics and what profound, yet simple truth!

Enjoy Jesus!

Cassandra Frear said...

I like this -- the directness, the simplicity. Sometimes the most meaningful and life-changing prayers are the simplest.

Thanks for stopping by my new blog.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Oh, I am slow of mind, heart.
But I can grasp this, three 3 word prayers.

Thank you.

I've prayed these with you today, in the comings and communing.

Keep shining Jesus...
All's grace,


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