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What’d you say about my Daddy?

 Names of God

Pray then like this: "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Matthew 6:9

Does it bother you when people talk ugly about YOUR relatives?

You can say what you want. But no one else can.

You’re protective of your family name. It represents relationships that go deep and through time. Not perfect ones, but yours nonetheless. They belong to you. And you don’t want them slandered.

What about your extended spiritual family? The one you’ll live with for all eternity? Are you protective of that family name, too?

When somebody talks bad about your heavenly Daddy, do you shudder? Does that same protective feeling come out—“Hey, that’s my Father you’re talking about! Don’t talk bad about my Daddy.”

When Jesus said, “Hallowed be your name,” he meant it. God’s name is holy. It’s set apart. Sanctified.

His name is to be respected because it represents who he is. It goes deep.

When you have a fight with your husband, you’re disparaging the family name. When you yell at your child, you’re disrespecting the family dignity. When you gossip about your friend, you’re belittling the family reputation.

Don’t do it. Show respect. Directly and indirectly. Daddy’s listening. So is the world. God won’t strike you with lightning if you’re ugly about him. He’ll still love you, just the same.

But it hurts your relationship. And you.

Up your family loyalty. Respect your Father. Care more about the family reputation than your own.

Give Daddy his due.


LivingforGod said...

Sadly, not only some Christians do nothing when our Father's name has been misused, but some also use God's name in vain themselves. I posted about this issue at

Lisa notes... said...

You're very right. I read your post and agree with you there, too.


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