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Curios - 19


1. Take this advice 
It works. And not just for marriages.

tim tebow

2. Do you love him?
They’re criticizing Tim Tebow for THIS? I guess everybody doesn’t love him after all.

3.Numbers and Faith
A new report from Barna: faith indicators associated with church size. The results aren’t what I expected.

Do you know what KUTGW means? Um, I can’t remember. *

handwriting on blackboard

5. Cursive
Can you write a capital “Z” in cursive? How about a “Q”? Can your kids read in cursive? See what’s happening to handwriting.



Answer to # 4:

* Keep up the good work


Unknown said...

Tim Tebow is; the sports media's reaction to him is too much. Got on my nerves so bad last year when we played them and they talked about Tebow after one of OUR touchdown's. URGH!

I've started making up my own shortcut. People who interact with me frequently enough will get it. I was doing FWIW before I knew it was accepted anywhere, also FFR. Lately I've switched from LOL to lqtm which I think is more accurate. Did that w/o consulting any texting dictionary too, but a friend looked it up. I assume the answer she found was what I meant.

A capital Q is no longer a 2? What is it? The article didn't have a link to the new cursive. FTMP, I quit using cursive in college (but the article is right, they didn't teach it past the 3rd grade even when I was in school, still used it, just didn't teach it), specifically in engineering graphics where we were taught how to print correctly for engineering drawings. I still make my 4's correctly and make 8's as a circle on top of a circle. I noticed our current campus minister doing the same -- turns out he has a degree in civil engineering.

Lisa notes... said...

I admit I was clueless on lqtm - had to look it up ("laughing quietly to myself" for others like me). Much better than lol.

Can't get enough Tim Tebow. I like it when one of the good guys gets good press, even if it's sometimes a little overboard.


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