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What’s on your nightstand? - July

Nightstand On the 4th Tuesday of each month, Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books asks, “What’s on your nightstand?”. Here’s my list and where I am in each book.


1. The Disappearance of God: A Divine Mystery by Richard Elliott Freidman

This one is an “oops.” Lisa writes had The Disappearance of God on her nightstand last month, and posted a review here. And I wrote down the title. Only the title. Now that I look back, it’s a totally different book and author than the one I picked up from the library. Oh well. I’ll have to backtrack and read the other one later. This one is also interesting.

july booksI’m beginning Chapter 3 (of 12), “Historians and Poets” under First Mystery (of 3) “The Disappearance of God in the Bible.”

2. The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges

I’ve never read his books, but have him on my “To read” list (Respectable Sins, The Discipline of Grace, Bookends of the Christian Life). This book was the one the library had available when I was there.

I actually finished it on the beach last week, but I want to look over the study guide at the back, so theoretically I’m back on Chapter 1, “Unsearchable Riches” of 16 chapters.

3. God’s Joyful Surprise by Sue Monk Kidd

I’ve been saving this one because I know I’ll like it lots (does that make any sense???), and I wanted to read it at the right time. But it’s a loaner from my sister so I need to get going with it so I can return it.

I’m on page 1, “Introduction” before I read Chapter 1, “A Sound at the Door” of 16 chapters.

CARRY-OVERS from last month:

4. Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs

This is a MUST-READ! I’m going really slowly with the Reading Group (1 chapter a week), but slowness is a must to absorb it. An excellent, excellent book so far.

I’m beginning Chapter 8 (of 13), “The Evils of a Murmuring Spirit.” Sounds foreboding....

5. The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

Another really slow read, but if you could see how heavily highlighted it is now, you’d understand why.

I’m on chapter 7, “The Community of Prayerful Love,” of 10 chapters.

6. She Still Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth

Since my daughter is no longer engaged (this book is subtitled: “Building a New Relationship with Your Daughter After You Walk Her Down the Aisle”), this book has been on the backburner. Nonetheless, it’s still good info for later, and good info about parenting older children in general, not necessarily married ones. I’ll trudge along.

I’m over halfway, in the middle of Chapter 7, “Laughter: A Preacher, a Rabbi, and a Priest Went Fishing...” with three more chapters to go.

* * * * *

Add your own list at 5 Minutes for Books, or see what others are reading so you have make a list.


Barbara H. said...

You're reading a lot of heavier books -- much food for thought, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great list of books! Have fun reading this month :-)

Kipi said...

Great list! I have a Dallas Willard book somewhere in my stack, too.

Carrie said...

I LoVe Jerry Bridges. A wise and all-together PRACTICAL man. I hope you enjoy your reads! They all sound intriguing to me!

Renee said...

God's Joyful Surprises is a book I read years ago....but seeing it here again gave me incentive to go take it off the shelf and read it again! It is a great read.

morninglight mama said...

I never heard of that Sue Monk Kidd title, but I really did enjoy The Secret Life of Bees-- and, I know that she'll be at this year's National Book Festival in Sept in DC! Yay!


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