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John 18

Read_the_chapter_text_here Questions
18a. Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do? How did you react?

18b. When have you felt like Peter?

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What's happening in John 18?
vv 1-11 Betrayal and arrest of Jesus
vv 12-14 Jesus faces Annas and Caiaphas
vv 15-18 Peter's first denial
vv 19-24 The high priest questions Jesus
vv 25-27 Peter's second and third denials
vv 28-32 Jesus before Pilate
vv 33-40 His kingdom is not of this world


Lisa notes... said...

Yes, and I’m usually defensive when that happens and I feel compelled to explain until the other person is fully convinced of my innocence (which I’m sure is quite annoying to them on many levels, ha). I could never have been strong like Jesus was when he was falsely accused. I’d have rained down lightning bolts, and in the process utterly destroyed all hopes of our salvation.

But I’m trying to learn to respond in quieter ways, trusting that it really doesn’t matter in the end what man says, but only what God knows to be the truth. He’s more than capable to uphold or bring down my “reputation” as he sees fit, and I don’t have to defend it.

Peter was standing by the fire because he was already cold, and was trying to get warm. I’ve had lots of those moments-—when my faith is wavering cold, and the temptation is strong. And then giving in to it. Is there ever a worse feeling? It’s most likely to happen when I’m tired or hungry or angry or bitter or already in some compromised state to begin with. It impresses upon me the need to stay shored up in the “easy” times so that I’ll be stronger to see and accept the Lord’s help in the less-clear times.

When Jesus said to them, "I am he," they drew back and fell to the ground.
John 18:6

So I’m not the only one profoundly affected by that name – I AM. There is no greater name nor greater one who wears that name. Just as Moses was told I AM by God at the burning bush, Jesus also tells me that he is I AM, always, past, present, future, forever. He is truly everything all the time.

Lynn said...

18a. Oh, I could write a book about being blamed falsely. I've responded to those flinging the lies by stating the truth to no avail. It caused broken relationships because of the blamee needing power and control. How sad. I am not totally as righteous as this sounds. Although those who sinned against me with false accusations were treated with love, it did not stop me from bellyaching to my friends about the wrong done to me. What a fine line. Being judged and then judging myself.

18b. I've known the depth of despair when I have sinned which is a betrayal of my relationship with the Lord. I have also known the cleansing love that the Lord has poured on me in understanding when I have repented and we start anew.


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