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Book review: “Surrender All”

surrender_all_joni_lambSurrendering isn’t something that comes naturally to us. We’re taught to never give up; to fight to the end; to not be a quitter.

But in God’s kingdom, victory comes to those who give up their will, to those who quit fighting against their Maker, and to those who quit self-centeredness. And relinquish all to Someone higher and more powerful.

“Surrendering to God is not an act of weakness. God uses your submission to bring great power into your life.”

Joni Lamb, host of daily talk shows on Daystar Television Network, writes about giving up everything in her book Surrender All: Your Answer to Living with Peace, Power and Purpose. 

She begins with herself. Chronicling her own life, she shares how difficult and lonely the path of surrender can be. But also of the incredible joys that accompany it, sometimes even in the midst of it.

She writes, “Surrender to God doesn’t mean you will have to do something you are afraid of doing. He puts the dreams and desires in your heart so that you know whatever comes is right.”

After sharing her own timeline, Joni works through chapter by chapter of things we’re called to surrender: marriage, children, career, health, friendships, daily life, loss, and even failure. She gives concrete examples of each.

“If we were to stop and listen to the stories of those around us, we would come back with a thankful heart.”

You stop and listen to the stories in this book. Because of Joni’s career in broadcasting, she has interviewed numerous people who have also surrendered much in each of these areas. She fills her chapters with story after story of real life adventures that others have had with God and with surrendering.

But surrendering isn’t just for our own good. When we surrender to God (or not), it ripples out sometimes farther than we can imagine. “Surrendering to God is important for you to remain connected to God, but it also affects others. When you don’t surrender, it impacts countless other people around you.”

“Every day there are opportunities for ordinary people to be used by an extraordinary God. ...If every believer would take the time to stop and listen to the Lord each and every day, the world we live in would be radically changed for the good.”

Joni Lamb is trying to do her part to encourage the rest of us to do just that. Listen to the Lord, and make the choice to choose surrender. She ends her book with this simple prayer to invite others to begin the journey:

“Lord, I surrender my life to You. Take my life and use it as You have designed. I may not understand everything, but I trust You to lead and guide me into all truth. I surrender everything to You right now. Amen.”


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