Who do you tell?

tell someone You have some great news! Who do you tell first?

1. Someone who’ll care
If it matters to you, it will matter to them.
Important or trivial. When Morgan told me her grades this semester, I passed along the good news first to Jeff. When the doctor called and said my MRI was normal, Jeff got the news first. When we spotted baby ducks on the lake, Jeff got that call, too.

I know he’ll be happy with me, whatever it is, so I tell him first.

2. Someone who’ll listen
Even if it’s boring. Can my rendition of the silly party games I won really be interesting information? A big N-O. But I know who’ll listen to me anyway. Only a select few can even draw out that that kind of senseless “news” from me, and even fewer would be willing to tolerate listening to it.

But aren’t those who listen to us the best, also those we often love the most? 

3. Someone who’ll remember
Ever shared great news with a friend only to have them forget it the next time you’re together? That’s a strike. Not likely to share the big stuff with them too often.

And if they forget too many times, we’ll likely quit telling them anything altogether.

4. Someone who’ll share
Happiness expands when it’s shared. When our news is good, we want it passed along. And we usually know the people who will do that with sincere motives because when we rejoice, they rejoice, and the party grows from there.

* * * * *

God had great news. When Jesus was born, God first told the shepherds about him. They cared. They listened. They remembered. They told others (Luke 2:17).

When Jesus was a man, God told John the Baptist about him. He knew John would share the good news that Jesus was the Lamb of God, taking away the sins of the world (John 1:29).

When Jesus arose from the dead, the angel of the Lord told Mary Magdalene and the other Mary that Jesus had risen (Matthew 28:1-10). And told them to quickly tell the other disciples. They did, running to do so.

God is always the first to know our news. He cares; he listens; he remembers. And even though he already knows, he still wants us to tell him anyway. That pleases him; it pleases us. That’s good news.

Who you gonna tell?

* * * * *

"So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven."
Matthew 10:32


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