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John 5

gospel of johnQuestions
5a. As you age, are you becoming more like your parents or less? In what ways?

5b. Why would Jesus ask, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6)

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What's happening in John 5?
vv 1-15. The healing at the pool on the Sabbath
vv 16-18. Jesus is equal with God
vv 19-29. The authority of the Son
vv 30-47. Testimonies about Jesus


Lisa notes... said...

5a. Jeff (and others) tell me I'm becoming more like my dad. He has many wonderful traits, but he's also strong-headed and opinionated, so I'm not sure how to take the comparison. ha. My mother is very sweet and kind to everybody--why can't anyone say I'm becoming more like HER? :-)

5b. Maybe he wanted the man to really think about it himself: DID he really want to be healed? It seems that the answer would be: Of course I want to be healed!

But since Jesus later told him (v 14) to "Sin no more so nothing worse will happen to you," perhaps the man had been doing something sinful that caused or perpetuated the lameness? Don't know...

I love verse 24:
"Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life."

I believe. Passed from death to life!

Lynn Severance said...

5a. I pray I am not like my father. My mother was steadfast through many of her life trials and for that I have a good role model. The same can be said of my maternal grandmother.

5b. When I first read the question, the word, "well" stood out as being different than being "healed" although we associate healing with this passage and that word is used later on in it. "Do I want to be well?" Yes. If I cannot be healed I would want to be well in mind and spirit and soul. Accepting what cannot be changed is a kind of healing and only available from God. We need to get into the pool of "living water" for any of the things He can bring us!


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