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Isn’t it amazing?

luke 5 All the people were fully amazed [astounded; astonished] and began to praise [glorify] God. They were filled with much respect [awe; fear] and said, “Today we have seen amazing [remarkable; incredible] things!”
Luke 5:26 (The Expanded Bible)

Shouldn’t that be us saying those words?
Every single day?
Every day, shouldn’t we be amazed and astounded at how good and powerful God is? amazing sunset

In Luke 5, Jesus had just healed a paralyzed man. AND forgave his sins. Which was the more miraculous healing?

What about us? The Lord of Lords fills our lives with his presence. He gives us power to overcome sin. He washes us clean when we sin anyway.

And he never stops loving us anywhere along the way.

That is amazing!

May we be filled with such awe of God that our lips pour out—“I’ve seen incredible things today!”

Lord, open our eyes. Our hearts. Our lips.


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