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Book review: “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews

the noticer_andy andrews Andy Andrews did it like Jesus did. He had a message he wanted to convey. But he didn’t want to say: Point 1 is..., Point 2 is..., etc.

So he used the most natural vehicle: the story.

In The Noticer, the story centers around Andy and an unassuming mentor named Jones. We follow them around to listen to the interactions they have with each other and with a series of other characters in the Orange Beach, Alabama, neighborhood.

The common denominator among each mini-story is that each character has a problem, and Jones gives each an answer. Jones is endearing in his love for people, and, as the reader, we look forward to the perspective he’ll share with those he meets because he’s also giving us answers to our own problems.

But this is not a psychobabble book, so the problems and answers don’t mention terms like co-dependency and addictive disorder, but rather ordinary things like selfishness and hopelessness—things that we all relate to.

Get a new perspective. Regroup. Begin your life again from a different point of view. Don’t wait for fireworks first. Make the choice to change. Now. The best is yet to come.

Many of life’s resources remain hidden from us simply because we never search for them. Often we do not ask the proper questions that might lead us to the answer to all our challenges.

More info and a link to preview the book are here.

I’ll pass along the book to my teenage daughters. They’ll benefit by reading it. After that, maybe I’ll stumble across a discussion group on-line I can join. “A Reader’s Guide for The Noticer” is included in the back of the book to facilitate discussion.

But for now, I’ll be a more alert noticer. Beginning here with The Noticer Project...


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