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Corner view: From my back door

What does your corner of the world look like?

The “Corner View” meme, hosted weekly by Jane at SpainDaily (who really does live in Spain), invites readers from all over the world to post pictures of what their eyes see from where they live. It broadens our view of each others’ stories to catch a glimpse of the ordinary and the spectacular in all the spots we find ourselves.

Isn’t it awe-inspiring to see how God continues to breed creativity, both in nature and in people? It’s part of who He is, and thus part of who we are. Let’s always recognize and thank the Source for the dazzling sights He wows us with, and allows us to reproduce and play with.

Past weeks of “Corner View” include Cityscapes, Transportation in Our Town, Shopping, Breakfast, and Beaches. 

This week:
The view from my back door

I fell in love with this north Alabama view from the minute we stepped onto the empty lot 8 years ago. My back door now overlooks a spring-fed lake, that overflows into a little brook, that morphs into this: a quite boisterous and mesmerizing waterfall when it rains a lot in the springtime.pebble brook


I like to pretend that I’m living in the country, despite really being sandwiched in a suburban neighborhood. But we do have prolific wildlife, which is a huge plus for us. Ducks, geese, turtles, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, bullfrogs, fish, herons, hawks, and when we’re lucky, an occasional fox or deer sighting. Occasionally I’ll sit down by the lake to read or write, but almost always end up mesmerized by the animals instead. My kids are even more wild about animals than I am.ducks, ducks                [Feeding the nice pet ducks and the pesky Muscovy ones]

And then there’s this. The “Where did THAT come from?” view. A couple years after we moved in, so did the heavy equipment next door. Standing tall over our (now) fence line is a huge Hindu temple. I grieved for months. But I have to admit that it is visually enticing and culturally educational. I figure Jesus wanted to send me a reminder (a big one) to pray for people who haven’t yet experienced the joy of knowing Him. This gets my attention for sure. temple                           [Silhouette of Hindu Cultural Center]

Your view? Link to SpainDaily and fill in your corner of the world.


jane said...

you have a lovely view. thank you for sharing this. i was once that close to a bunch of ducks and they started biting my ankles.... your daughter is a brave girl.:) besos-jane

Lynn Severance said...

I love your spring fed lake. I can envision your poignant quiet times there reading and writing.

I'd find it a place to pray in regards to the majestic Hindu Center that looms just a few window steps away.

Thanks for sharing photos from your world, Lisa. How nice.


Lisa notes... said...

Yes, the Hindu Center does prompt lots of prayers. I've visited there several times and seeing their offerings of food and money to their "gods" is very disconcerting. :-(

But it's also a good reminder to me that I, too, have idols and need frequent heart checks; my idols just aren't as obvious as a dressed-up god or goddess. "Self" is a pretty popular idol for all of us.

Yet God continues to draw us to himself; we are so blessed.

Lisa Spence said...

Your back door view is gorgeous!


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