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Book review: not yet…

I keep delaying writing a book review for Through the Wilderness of Loneliness. Not because of the book. Because of the author, Tim Hansel.

After my sister introduced me to Tim’s writings last January, I knew I would read more. Because in You Gotta Keep Dancin’, Tim challenged me to seek joy within pain. I closed my review of that book on January 26 with these words:

Where is Tim now? I googled him, but the last entry I could find was 2 years old, and indicated that Tim was in dangerously fragile health from years of living in a pain-racked body.

Tim, wherever you are now, I pray that you are flourishing in your healing.

Weeks passed. Through Rest Ministries I e-met Lynn (you may have too, through her insightful comments here). She visited this blog and noticed my comment to Tim.

Lynn quickly told me that she knew where Tim was! She and his family have been close friends for years! We delighted in the connection God had made for us.

Through Lynn, I’ve learned precious things about Tim and his wife Anastasia, and how they have ministered the love of Christ to so many people, despite his health problems.

Last week, Lynn received a note from Anastasia that Tim is now in full-time hospice care at his home. It saddens me to hear that a writer and brother I was just beginning to discover may have already written his last book.

But not his last chapter. His most exciting one yet is still ahead and I am anticipatory for him. Wouldn’t it be lovely if he could continue to pass his writings on to us once he’s on the other side? What joy-filled words he could share!

So, as you see, I still have not written the review of Through the Wilderness of Loneliness. Maybe tomorrow... For now, my thoughts are directly on its author. My prayers go out to Tim and his family. Will you pray for him, too?

From Through the Wilderness of Loneliness:

I thought of Jesus’ words, “Come to me...and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). It is interesting to note that He didn’t say, “Do this and it will give you rest” or “Don’t do this, and that will give you rest.” He said, “Come to me...and I will give you rest.” It is an intimate relationship He offers.

Tim, you’ve been a blessing on earth. We pray for a peaceful transition for you, when God’s timing is right, to your new dancin’ in heaven, along with your much-deserved rest.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check Tim's books out.

Lisa notes... said...

FYI, if you start looking for "Through the Wilderness...", it was later republished as "Dancin' Toward the Dawn."

"Holy Sweat" is next on my list of his books. Sounds invigorating, huh? :-)

Lynn Severance said...

Lisa, this is such a great written tribute to Tim and the life and gifts he shares with so many through his writings and encouragement.

I know your readers will be blessed as they hear "more" and they will want to read more.

Tim certainly does inspire us to keep on dancin' if even in our hearts and spirits.

Renee said...

I was quite suprised to read your posting on Tim Hansel. This will sound very strange, but Tim is my husband, Joel Dahlen's first cousin. His mother Ruth was a sister to Joel's dad. We were not really connected well to Tim, but our whole family has very fond memories of his mom and of course she kept us abreast of all Tim's work and ministry. We have not had contact with Tim and Anastasia since Auntie Ruth died and wondered how he was doing.
I come to read your blog at times and was glad I came tonight so Joel can let his family know what is happening with Tim.


Lisa notes... said...

Wow--the world keeps getting smaller and smaller! Renee, thanks for stopping by and sharing your relationship to Tim with us. I never cease to be amazed at how God connects the dots. He must have an out-of-this-world flowchart to keep track of all of us. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa,
I was up early this mrning thinking about a trip coming up this weekend. I will be visiting a Church in Pennsylvania to debrief a mission team that has been workng in Haiti since Jan. 12 2010, the day the quake hit port au prince.
I had read Holy Sweat over 20 years ago and have so many memories of Tim's profound thoughts and words. I don't know where my book is, so your review enlightened my memory. There are a few people I will be talking with this weekend that will relate to Tim and his labor of love.
Your blog has been an oasis for me this morning. Terry from St. Pete Florida


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